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Heaven High and Happy Friday!

This Monday is Columbus Day! For most of you, this will be a regular weekend but for some of you fine folks, it will be a long weekend that you can spend as you wish. Unlike holidays like Thanksgiving or Memorial Day, a lot of Americans don’t have many plans or celebrations to attend this weekend. So how can you spend your Columbus Day weekend?

My suggestion is to either spend the weekend with your family or spend the weekend bettering yourself. Personal development is something that we all should be working on – whether you’re a student in college or a high-paid CEO of a multi-million dollar company. However, we don’t all spend an appropriate amount of time trying to make ourselves “better”.

Of course, the term better (or even successful) is subjective. Each of us will define each in a different way, depending on what you want to do with your life and what you want out of your life. We all have different goals and we all want different things. Here are just a few ways that you can work on personal development, no matter how you define “better” or “successful”.

#1) Read Your Weight In Books

Reading a little bit every day will help improve your brain. You don’t have to read just non-fiction books either. You can read any type of fiction that you like as well. The more diverse your choice of books, the more knowledge you will expose your brain to. I do suggest mixing it up though. Don’t know where to start? Pick up my book (Acting for Real: Be the Star in Your Life) or even a textbook to help you learn how to improve your public speaking or academic skills.

#2) Pick Up A Hobby That Is New To You

This one is incredibly broad. Learning something new will help your brain establish new neurological connections. Because of that, you’ll have more innovative and creative ideas for your personal and professional lives. You don’t have to pick up a hobby that has to do with your professional field either.

Pick up a new sport. Learn a new creative and artistic hobby. Take a class in cooking or dancing. Any of these things (and more) will help you stretch your thinking in different aspects. Yes, even sports can help your brain learn new things. The more active you are, the more oxygen your brain will be getting. Because of that, you’ll be more physically and mentally healthy.

#3) Create A Room For Yourself

Creating your own “me” room does a lot for your mind and your body. Everyone needs a space to call their own – just ask your teenagers. Just like they want their privacy, you want some for yourself too. We can’t always have an entire room for ourselves. I would urge you to create a small space for yourself though – even if it’s just a corner of a room.

Fill that space with things that inspire you and put up a vision board with images of your future goals and aspirations. This space will help set your mood and tone for your personal development journey. Don’t make it into such a big deal that you can’t spend any time in it though. The goal of this space is to inspire you and to have a space that you can relish being in.

#4) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We grow as people by stretching our minds and our bodies. If you are too comfortable, you won’t be able to expand your thoughts beyond that “comfort zone boundary”. Shake up your daily routine. Meet new people. Expose yourself to new ideas.

#5) Make Up Your Life List

Some people call it a bucket list: a list of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket. I call it the “Life List”: a list of goals that you want to accomplish in your life. Dig deep within yourself and pick out a handful of values that you want to expand upon – characteristics that you cherish and hold a high standard for: wisdom, love, learning, create, giving, etc.

After you have that list of values, add some items under each value that will aid you in exploring and expanding that value even more. For example, under “create” you can have:

  • Write a book
  • Write a love song for your spouse
  • Paint a mural
  • Learn how to bake the perfect soufflé

Just make sure that you want to do these tasks. That passion that you have for each task will fuel your mind and spirit and will aid you in exploring those characteristics that you cherish so much.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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Thom McFadden, known as Hollywood’s “Coach to the Stars”, has been helping actors, writers, producers, directors and hundreds of other entertainment industry professionals to achieve new levels of success for over twenty years through his personal coaching and life-changing seminars and courses. Thom has been featured in 26 mainstream movies and over 100 television shows over his illustrious career.