Working A Job While You Start Your Own Business Is Tough But Doable… And Here’s How.

Heaven High and Happy Tuesday! How are you on this fine Tuesday evening?

Today I want to talk about how to work a full time (or part time) job and start your own business on the side. I don’t want to get all technical. We could start talking about lenders, business plans, and accounting. Instead I’m going to focus on something smaller but even more important: how to mentally prep yourself for all of that hard work. It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of time but it will be worth it in the end. Just keep these three things in mind.

#1) Maximize Your Time

People that work for 48 hours in a row are impressive, right? They’re the superheroes of the business world. However, if you have to actually work for two days in a row to meet a deadline, you probably aren’t maximizing your time or planning your day well. Nor are you properly delegating tasks.

If you know that your job takes over 40 hours per week, you’ll need to be able to maximize the 40 hours and delegate other tasks so that you won’t have to spend 50 hours at work.

Work should be a priority in your life – for as close to 40 hours as possible. Remember that after the 40 hours of work, there should still be 72 hours a week to do with as you wish. Sleep should also be a priority for that time, as should having an active lifestyle and being social.

#2) Look At Your Current Job In A Different Light

We don’t normally want to go to work. No matter how much you love your job, when Monday rolls around, most of us would rather stay in bed. However, being happy at your job is all about perspective. When we actually love our jobs, we are happy about it as soon as we get there. When we aren’t, that’s when the issues come into play. But just like I said before, it’s all about perspective.

Have pictures (photographs or vision boards) up in your cubicle or office that remind you why you are doing this. Do you work because of your family? Do you have images of items from your business? Perhaps an end product or even a prototype?

Your job (whether you actually like it or not) is a means to an end. You’re just working it to be able to pay for things while you get your second job up and running.

#3) Use Your Job As Motivation

When you think about how frustrating your job is, use that as motivation for why you should work hard. This job is paying for your business. This job is also helping pay for your food, take care of your family, and keeping you comfortable. You may not enjoy it but a little discomfort and frustration builds character and look at it this way – the harder you work, the faster you can quit so that you can take care of your small business full time.

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