Why Storytellers Are The Best Public Speakers

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Okay, so the title of this post is a bit of an over-generalization. There are many parts of a great speech and many ways to magically create public speaking skills where there were none before. Not all storytellers have those skills (expertise, charisma, timing, study skills, etc.) In fact I know a lot of writers and storytellers who hate being up in front of people – just as much as you do.


But do you know what they are skilled in, that comes in handy when it comes to public speaking? Telling stories. Telling stories that they are passionate about. These stories are their babies and they nurture them as such. That is the same way you should be treating your speeches.

Go up to a storyteller and ask him or her to tell you about one of their favorite stories that they had created. Not only will they be able to tell you all about it – in excruciating detail, if you let them – they will also tell you background info on all of the characters. Make believe characters.


Because they are passionate about their stories.


Not only that, their stories have three, very important details which make them more memorable: a beginning, middle, and an end. If you want to make your speech more memorable for your audience and easier to remember yourself, make sure that your speech has all three aspects.

We don’t all have the luxury of speaking about exciting topics. For most of us, business meeting topics and proposals can be a little dry. However, spicing it up a little and adding elements that you are passionate about will keep your audience from thinking that the topic is boring.

One way of making it more exciting is by adding some personal narratives. You can add stories that happened to you (first person) or add anecdotes about other people. The point in doing this is to make the material relatable.

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