Why Are You Lying To Yourself?

Heaven High!

Today I wanted to talk about something that we all experience: lies.

We all hate liars. When you create a strand of untruth (whether it be a little white lie or a big one), it affects more people than you can imagine and one small strand can easily turn into a giant web of lies. However, as much as we hate people who do lie, we are all guilty of committing that same crime. Are you an honest person? Do you lie to others to get out of trouble? Or perhaps to make others think that you are someone else? We all tell little white lies every now and then – for one reason or another.

Do you know who you lie to most of all? Yourself. You lie to yourself more than you lie to anyone else.

Why would you lie to yourself? How do you lie to yourself?

We all lie to ourselves when we think that the truth is too hard to handle. It helps us comfort our minds so that we can move on or move past an event or situation. Sometimes we lie to ourselves because we are afraid of what we do not know. There are many different reasons why we would do this and we do it more often that we think.

So how do we start being honest with ourselves?

The first step to stopping any habit is to realize when you are doing it and to actively stop that action and replace it with a more positive action. When you find that you are lying to yourself about something, stop, and actively change your train of thought.

“I can’t do this.”
“I’m not pretty.”
“I am an idiot.”

Should turn into something like this:

“This is difficult. In order to accomplish this task I will have to [insert action here].”
“I find myself more attractive when I [insert example here].”
“I am smart. I know I am smart. I can continue to develop my intelligence by [insert action here].”

  • You also try some of these suggestions:
  • Being proactive by admitting that you lie to yourself.
  • Being courageous.
  • Taking action.
  • Identify your defense mechanisms.
  • Stand up for yourself.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Set attainable goals for yourself.
  • Notice when you’re trying to be someone that you’re not.
  • Take a risk.
  • Be accountable for your actions; even if it hurts.
  • Being honest about the people that you want in your life (i.e. not associating with people who are negative, do not share your values with them)

The most important difference in lying to yourself and telling yourself the truth is taking action. Sure, you may say that you want to read this blog and start to make changes but you are lying to yourself if you know that you will not take any steps to make that a reality. You must take action to reverse this process. Be proactive. Take that first step.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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