What’s Holding You Back? – Popping The Question To Build Your Business

Heaven High and Happy Friday! How are you today?

I hope you’re well and I also hope you’re optimistic about all the opportunities that abound in online video and video marketing. I was having a conversation on Skype with one of my subscribers the other day and he brought up what I think is a very interesting point that I’d like to share with you.

My friend asked me how important I thought all this technical stuff was in comparison to just the person-to-person aspect of building a business online and/or offline. He commented that YouTube seemed to be changing almost as much, if not more, than Facebook and that it was hard to keep up and develop any practical plan for actually getting out ‘on the street’ and talking to people about his business.

For some reason, what he said struck a chord with me and we got off on a discussion of the role of self-confidence in marketing. As I told him, I’m a big believe that ‘attitude is everything’. I’m thoroughly convinced that no amount of ‘video tips and tricks’ or search engine knowledge is a substitute for the trust and friendship of one customer.

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’, right? Well, I believe that. And I also know that people like to deal with somebody who has confidence. That’s because a lot of people don’t feel confident today.

It’s always been that way. To the extent that you can project confidence, people will have a tendency to want to do business with you and you can learn to act like a confident person.

I’ve written books about the subject of confidence and leadership and I’ve got some great free videos on my website too at www.thommcfadden.com. That’s my pitch for you to check out my Book “Acting for Real“.

I believe the mental side of success if by far the biggest challenge that most people have. It’s conquering that inner-monster that lies to you and says that you can’t be successful, that you can’t deviate from ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) and that you can’t make lots of money.


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