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The time is quickly coming when all businesses in America will have webpage. This technology is available now for them to build a friendly, online image that’s good for their business. The easiest tool to use to build that image is online video marketing.

In one way of looking at it, the majority of businesses already do have a website. Whether they know it or not, their website is just waiting for them over at Google Places.

It’s true, it won’t look like much if the business owner hasn’t claimed it and ‘tricked it out’ to make it attractive. But Google has already set it up.

Google’s big push lately is towards indexing information on a local businesses. That’s the thrust of Google Maps. Google already has access to everything that’s already on the web and most business people are shocked to discover out how much information it really is.

These websites are already allocated and set up for most businesses but the problem is that they aren’t much to look at if the owner hasn’t claimed them and improved them at least a little bit with some reviews, pictures and videos. But it’s still a website of sorts.

Unfortunately, you might not even know that you’re on Google Places. And it might not be the kind of information that portrays you as a likeable, local business person.

The information might be incomplete or it might not. Regardless of that, Google gives each business in America such a site…..kinda like their own version of ’40 acres and a mule’. It’s image, in it’s unimproved form, might be positive, neutral or negative.

The question for the modern business owner to answer is:

“Are you happy with the ‘default personality’ of what Google and other people chose to say about you or are you going to take control and be sure that your image is the one you like?”

By understanding how to use video marketing to increase your likeability, you can have an advantage over most, if not all, of your competitors. Yes, you could even call it ‘spin’ (call it whatever you want). It’s still wise for you to be in control of it, wouldn’t you agree?

The reason that many Google Map sites are unclaimed and that most businesses in America aren’t using video marketing is simply because most people (i.e. business owners) are at least a little camera shy. They freeze up like a deer in headlights with any mention of them being on camera. They have a bad case of camera anxiety and/or video phobia.

Business owners are often surprised to discover that sometimes being a little camera shy and unpolished and ‘rough around the edges’ is sometimes a positive when doing videos. The reason for that is consumers can be oftentimes skeptical when videos are too polished.

A little camera shyness can be a good thing as long as you can manage it. That’s because prospective customers like doing business with their more un-polished local business community. They don’t expect their local butcher, baker and candlestick maker to look or act like Hollywood movie stars.

If you have a local business that you want to do some online video marketing for….that’s a good thing. That’s the beginning of taking action. You’ll be happy to know that being a video marketing beginner can even be to your advantage.

You don’t have to be a Hollywood actor to use online video effectively but you do have to have some of their skills. And you need to learn to control at least most of your camera anxiety and focus your mind on a confident, articulate, natural online video persona. This is how you put your business ahead of your competition with online video marketing.

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