Treat Social Anxiety With This Simple Trick

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Heaven High! How is your week going? Do you know what today is? Yes, it’s hump day – the midpoint of the week! We’re halfway there! Just power through the rest of the week and you will be rewarded with the weekend.

For today’s blog post I have an easy tip to aid you in overcoming your social anxiety. If you are afraid of having to do a presentation in front of people, I suggest that you round up a group of people (anyone) and read something to them.

It doesn’t have to be the same type of people that you will be presenting to either. The point of this exercise is to get used to being in front of people. To get started, I suggest that you take your favorite children’s book and read it to a group of kids at your local library. Easy peasy, right?

Make sure to read the book a few times through before you read in front of the kids. If you can, I suggest that you set up a time with the library to regularly read to kids. As you continue to read to them, think about your pacing. Are you letting the kids understand the words that you are reading? Are you pausing too long? Practice your pacing with the kids.

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Not only will you be practicing your pacing, pronunciation, tone, pitch, and presence, you will also be helping kids develop a love for reading.

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Have a fantastic Wednesday, everyone! Keep being awesome! B BOP!

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