Traits of Extremely Successful People: Lesson #4

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Today I wanted to talk to you about another trait that successful people have. They are organized. People who are successful are generally organized. That being said, their way of organizing may not be the same as yours so don’t judge someone who may have a “disorganized filing system”. Their filing system may be disorganized for you but it works for them. So how do you know if you are organized (perhaps living in organized chaos) or disorganized?

For the most part, you probably know if you are disorganized. Do you miss deadlines all of the time? Are you constantly losing things? Are you forgetting dates and times? Do you spend a large amount of time sorting through your stuff to find something?

Luckily, being disorganized can easily be fixed by a little cleaning and finding a system that works well for you. This may take some time – to find your perfect system – but it’s worth the effort in the end.

#1) Start with a Clean Slate

If you’re looking to clean up a little, start off with a clean slate. Clean up your desk area. Clean your office. Clean your house. This can even go into your computer – which can sometimes be the messiest of all: clean out your e-mail inbox, your “My Documents” folder, etc.

#2) Establish Some Good Habits


At the very least, start keeping a calendar to keep track of meetings, lunch dates, deadlines, etc. Find one that works well for you. Some people may prefer an app on your phone, an online calendar (like Google Calendar), an old school planner, or even just a desk calendar. Find whatever works for you and stick with it.

I plan out my work week every Sunday. This helps me see an overview of what is due at what time and where I have some flexibility in my schedule.

#3) Make Your Workspace a Happy Place

Let’s face it. Other than your bed, you spend most of your time in your workspace. This may be a studio, an office, a home office, a cubicle, or maybe even your vehicle. Whatever it is make sure that when you’re there, you are in a good mood. You can do this a number of different ways.

Put up pictures of your motivators. This could be pictures of family and friends. This could be a vision board that you have for your professional and/or personal goals.

Put up pictures of things that make you smile: baby animals napping even. It will give you a nice break from the frantic deadline reminders, memos and the like.


Put up a plant. Keeping plants or flowers will help clean the air and keep you calm. If you’re going to bring a plant, go all the way. Don’t worry about being kooky. Name your plant. Give it a nice pot. Incorporate it into your schedule (“Water Cassandra Every Other Day”).

A big part of being organized is being able to thrive under stressful situations.

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