Traits of Extremely Successful People: Lesson #3

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Today I wanted to chat with you about a little topic called self-reliance. I recently read an article from Inc. that stated that when a successful person is self-reliant, they exude these characteristics:

  • You can shoulder responsibilities and be accountable.
  • You make hard decisions and stand by them.
  • To think for yourself is to know yourself.

Do you think of yourself as self-reliant? Do you do the things that are listed above? Well, before you answer that, let’s break it down even further. I also want to add a little something to this list.

#1) You can shoulder responsibilities.

Being self-reliant means that you can handle your own responsibilities without having to ask anyone for help, right? Wrong. Being self-reliant means that you know the appropriate amount of responsibility for yourself and that you know how to delegate responsibilities to others who can handle it best. You need to be able to know how much you can handle without compromising your success rate or the quality of your work.

#2) You can be held accountable.

Being self-reliant doesn’t just mean that you can rely on yourself. It also means that you hold yourself accountable to your actions, which means that others should be able to do the same without any objections from you.

#3) You can make hard decisions and stand by them.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you and your spouse couldn’t make any decisions together? Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a successful relationship. It just means that you feel as though you can afford to be indecisive and that you’re afraid of being assertive when you need to be. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fly when you’re trying to be successful in business.

When you’re in a status of responsibility (CEO, manager, boss, self-employed, etc.) you have to be able to make those hard decisions. Sometimes those decisions won’t be the kindest or the most thoughtful but you have to stand by them no matter what – but also be able to call out your mistakes if you make them.

#4) You know how to think for yourself.

Thinking for yourself is an important factor of being self-reliant. You can’t have everyone trying to sway you – and succeeding at it! When you are in a place of power or responsibility many people will try to have you make their decisions or do things for them.

In addition to that, you need to be able to come up with ideas and thoughts of your own to share with your partners – or just the world. Those innovations, ideas, thoughts, etc. will keep you moving forward.

#5) You know that you always need to strive for personal and professional development.

If you’re having trouble thinking of new ideas, you may just need to expand your horizons a little. Don’t stop learning new things. Don’t just keep learning about your own market and field of expertise either. Learning about other things will help you meld ideas and come up with new ones.

In addition to professional development, you can’t stop growing as a person either. If you think that you have a certain fault, work on improving it.

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