Traits of Extremely Successful People: Lesson #2

Heaven High and Happy Wednesday!

How are you all doing this fine Wednesday morning? Has your week been going well? Has it been going by fast or slow? How have your mornings been? Are you normally a morning person? Or do you like to sleep in during the mornings?

Today, I want to talk about a trait that most successful people have (if they have “regular” business hours and don’t work a swing or graveyard shift). They are early-birds. Being an early-bird (relatively speaking, in consideration to your actual work schedule) has many benefits and although a lot of us aren’t naturally early-risers, there are changes that we can make to help us with that trait.

#1) Increased Productivity


Studies have shown that people who get up early show an increase in productivity compared to those who sleep in. But there’s more to it than just, “They’re able to get things done in the morning since they are awake.”

Try it yourself: This weekend, schedule an errand day for yourself. Experiment with times. This Sunday, schedule a set of errands and chores that you need to do. However, allow yourself to sleep in a few hours or go ahead and hit that snooze button a few times. Then see how much you get done.

Next Sunday, schedule the same errands but this time, set your alarm for an hour or two earlier. Don’t hit that snooze button. Instead, just get up when your alarm goes off and start your day.

Afterwards, reflect on your experience. How did you feel on both days?

#2) Increased fitness


Successful people are also fit people. They eat well and take care of their bodies. One of the reasons why some of them get up early in the morning is to exercise. It gets their blood pumping early in the day and they are able to reflect on what they have to do that day or how their previous day went.

If you need to start exercising more, consider waking up an hour earlier on your workout days and go to the gym then or go out for a run in the morning. It will invigorate you and get your day started off right.

#3) Increased Creativity


Many people find that they are more creative in the morning. Writers and artists often get up early to get a few pages done or some projects done before the sun even rises. They find that they are more inspired in the wee hours of the day. John Milton woke up at 4 in the morning and so does Haruki Murakami. Voltaire did the same thing. Benjamin Franklin would wake up at 5 Maya Angelou would get up at 6AM and so would Beethoven, Mary Flannery O’Connor, Victor Hugo, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud.

#4) How to Become an Early-Riser

We’re not all born as early-risers but we can learn how to become one. We can teach and train our body about getting up early by doing some of these things:

Choose to get up early before you go to bed. If you make the decision before you go to bed, you will be more likely to go through with it in the morning.

Go to bed earlier. Sometimes we need the extra shut-eye. I understand that – believe me. So instead of getting that extra hour in the morning, get it at night.

Make it a social activity. Schedule an early morning workout with a friend or a spouse. Have breakfast with your spouse in the morning when you get up. You don’t have to do this alone.

Start off small. You don’t necessarily have to get up two hours earlier tomorrow. Try fifteen minutes earlier for this whole week. Then next week, tack on another fifteen minutes. Work up to waking up an hour earlier.

Go for an early morning stroll. The fresh air will do you and your body good and it’ll give you a nice, quiet, calming way to start your day.

Don’t keep your alarm clock close to your bed. Having to actually get up out of your bed to turn your alarm off may be annoying but it could just do the trick if you keep falling back asleep.

Splash your face with cold water. It may hurt during that first second but it’ll feel good after!


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