Tips to Help Spark Your Creativity

Heaven High and Happy Monday!

Yes, it is Monday again. Luckily – for most of you – the word day is over. So how was your Monday? Did it go by smoothly? Slowly? Was it agonizing? Or was it full of opportunity?

Today I wanted to talk to you about creativity.

So here are my top ways of staying inspired and keeping my creativity level on HIGH all the time.

#1) Routine! Routine! Routine!


Successful writers and other creatives have a routine which they follow in order to engage their mind into thinking more creatively. Of course, all of their routines differ and it always depends on the person. Some people are morning people and they wake up refreshed and thinking creatively. Others are night owls and think better while the world is sleeping. Do some experimenting and find your perfect time.


Not only do they have a perfect time, they also have a perfect place. Artists have studios. Writers have offices. Actors have the stage. CEO’s have conference rooms and corner offices. I have my own home office where I hang up things that inspire me to create new ideas. Your room doesn’t have to be so cookie cutter though.

Perhaps the perfect place and time for you is after dinner, with a glass of wine, sitting in the hot tub, and thinking about your day. Or maybe it is sitting in a quiet library where you are alone with your thoughts. Find your place and creativity and inspiration will find you.

#2) Okay – Now That You Have That Down – Mix It Up A Little


Routine works most of the time but sometimes even the best and most inspirational creatives get stuck. Instead of claiming “artist’s block” or “writer’s block”, take it outside. Go out and do something different. Maybe you’ve been stuck in the office for too long and you just need a change of pace. So mix it up. Don’t be afraid of taking a pen and pad elsewhere.

Nature has always been my “creative block”-breaker. Taking a walk in the park helps to clear my mind and helps me think in a new perspective. Find out what your “creative block”-breaker is by experimenting with different places that inspire you.

#3) Learn New Things!

Learning new things (especially things which don’t directly involve your subject or market) breeds innovation. When we learn the dynamics of a different subject, our minds will bring those elements into various problems that arise.

Go ahead and enroll in a new class. Take up a new hobby. Read some fascinating fiction and non-fiction books. Go see a movie that you normally wouldn’t see. Just be sure to be open-minded about the whole experience.

#4) Take A Trip!


Just like new hobbies and courses create new ideas in your brain, so does “taking a trip”. Vacations, mini-vacations, and day trips are great for helping you stay creative!

#5) Have A Party!

Parties bring people together and when people come together, amazing things happen. When you have a party, more minds show up with different perspectives. You’re then exposed to all of those viewpoints on different topics. The keys to having a party that will help spark your creativity (and keep it going) is to:
• Be open-minded
• Listen to their interactions
• Bring up different types of topics
• Play a game and interact
• Don’t just sit around and watch a movie in silence

Now that you’ve got these tips, please go out and use them! And if you want to know more about how to be successful, grab a FREE COPY of my book, ACTING FOR REAL, by clicking on that beautiful green button below.


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