Tips for Forming Successful Habits (Or Breaking the Bad Ones)

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Today I wanted to talk to you about something that is near and dear to my heart: personal improvement – more specifically, building better and healthier habits for yourself. There are many different ways to go about it. Some examples would be:

Do a 30 – Day challenge. Use the 30 days to focus only on ONE target habit: either getting rid of a bad one or starting a healthier one.

entrepreneur-593378_1280Write your goals out on paper. Also include your motivation, the things that get in your way, and a quick plan that will help you be successful.

Repetition is boring but it works. It isn’t the most exciting of tips or techniques but you will need to utilize early repetitions during your habit forming journey. It all has to do with reducing the variables and forming a mental reflex (so to speak).

Think positively. I’ve preached about the benefits of positivity in the past so it should be no surprise that this is on the list. Positive thinking won’t directly affect your success rate but it will make the journey a lot easier.

Have others hold you accountable. Tell your friends what you’re up to. Announce it on your social media profiles. If you tell your friends and family that you’re looking for their support, some of them should come to your aid.cell-phone-791365_1280

Reward the little things. No matter what goal you choose, if you’re making small strides, you should reward yourself. Write down a little reward next to each of the steps to defeating this bad habit or building a good one. The more difficult the step, the bigger the reward should be.

If you fail, don’t get too distressed. Yes, it can be disappointing. However, if you analyze what went wrong, plan for instances like this in the future, and try again – your “failure” will just be a lesson.

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