SUCCESS and PERCEPTION: A Little Description

The internet was abuzz yesterday with debates about “the dress”. Is it gold and white or black and blue? In the big scheme of things, it was probably just bad lighting and depended on what you viewed the image with (your phone, tablet, computer screen, etc.). However, this does raise some questions about the topic of perception.

Hank Green is a smart man. Let’s see just how smart he is in this quick Crash Course video about perception:

My favorite quote from the video is that perception is about “how you understand the world and your place in it.” It works literally and figuratively too – in terms of how you perceive success.

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In addition, here at, we would like to extend our condolensces to the Nimoy family, who lost a great and wonderful man this morning in Leonard Nimoy. The world is truly missing a fantastic artist and a brilliant man. You have been, and always will be, our friend – and in our hearts. Thom sends loving and courageous thoughts.

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