Speech, Debate, and Drama

The fear of public speaking (glossophobia) can occur at any time of someone’s life. Elementary pageants and high school debate clubs can really help students get used to standing in front of people and talking (or singing). Sometimes the best thing that a glossophobic can do is face that fear.


Schools all around the globe offer these opportunities to their students in various forms. For example, last month Holyrood Academy hosted a public speaking competition.

The Western Gazette reported that “The seniors prize went to Katrina Gunn-Lane, Addison Coath and Sarah McCullough for their speech on annoying siblings, while the group of Ruby Nex, Lorelei Webber and Rachel Webber impressed the judges with their argument against sexism in schools and took first place in the intermediate section.”

If your student seems to be struggling with presentations or if he or she is incredibly shy, why not try to help her overcome her social and/or speech anxiety by encouraging her to enroll in a debate club or drama class?


Up until I was a senior in high school, I absolutely hated standing in front of people. I still get nervous when I have to give a presentation. However, I don’t fret as much as I used to because – I was accidentally enrolled in a drama class for my senior year of high school. When I saw it on my schedule, I was petrified. I couldn’t memorize any lines – and standing up in front of people? Might as well just have me stand in front of a firing squad.

But when I found myself in the class, the teacher taught me tricks to help me get over my anxiety and concentrate on my strengths which helped me overcome most of my weaknesses. For example, I know that my voice isn’t the strongest so we came up with visual ways that I could get the class’s attention while I worked on my projection.

Drama, speech, and debate may be the worst fear for your students’ (or perhaps your) school career. However, once the initial shock wears off, it can be a great tool that will teach them skills for their future.

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