Scheduling Time for Success

Do you own your own business? Do you run your own business as a side project to help pad your income? Are you a small business owner or a CEO of a corporation? You could benefit from this post on scheduling essential blocks of time into your workday. You could be working your way up the ladder to success or you could already be at the top of your professional ladder. No matter your stance, scheduling your day is an important part of success.

#1) ”This is King 5 News with the Latest Updates…”

Staying informed is important. I don’t just mean the news, but also on the latest technological programs, apps, and advances in your field of expertise. You may have a doctorate’s in your field but every subject (no matter what) is constantly changing and advancing. Make sure you are scheduling in a little time to stay informed.

#2) Networking and Social Media


Part of your efforts as a businessperson should be spent networking with other businesspeople and also putting your face and personality out on your social media accounts. And, I’m not talking about your personal social media account but your professional account. You may own your own business, run your business as a CEO, or even have a side business to supplement your income.

No matter what work you are in, you should be putting in a little bit of time to get to know your followers. You may have hired a social media coordinator or marketer to handle your accounts but you still need to make an occasional appearance so that your followers know that there is a person behind the figurehead.

#3) Know When to Hold ‘Em…


You may be a workaholic or perhaps you just started working as your own boss. No matter which boat you are standing in, you need to be able to have business hours. Not just any business hours either but regular business hours so that people know when they can get a hold of you. Post your business hours on your door and on your website.

#4) …Know When to Fold ‘Em

It is equally (if not more) important to have off-hours. You need to know when to stop working so that you can wind down. That is one of the important tools to innovation, after all – taking your mind off of work.

This is especially important to people who are starting out on their own. You can’t work 24 hours a day. You also shouldn’t be answering business calls in the middle of dinner. If you have a family, this is even more apparent.

If you don’t rest, your work will suffer. So know when to shut off your work phone and stop checking your e-mail.

#5) Spend Some Time Reading

Reading improves your mind, keep away Alzheimer’s and other aging and mental conditions, and aids in your development of new ideas. You don’t even have to read a book in your area of expertise. You could read the Game of Thrones series, a newspaper, or even get a copy of Thom McFadden’s book (a FREE COPY).

All of these options will aid you in becoming a well-rounded, intelligent person, and will aid you professionally as well as personally.

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Thom McFadden, known as Hollywood’s “Coach to the Stars”, has been helping actors, writers, producers, directors and hundreds of other entertainment industry professionals to achieve new levels of success for over twenty years through his personal coaching and life-changing seminars and courses. Thom has been featured in 26 mainstream movies and over 100 television shows over his illustrious career.