Promote Pink Shirt Day & Take A Stand Against Bullying!

Heaven High and Happy Wednesday!

Do you know what today is? It’s not just Wednesday or Hump Day… Today is Pink Shirt Day! It is a day to wear pink and stand up against bullying.

There are five ways that you can help this cause (according to

  1. Purchase the official t-shirt at London Drugs for $9.80 and wear it on Wednesday, Feb 25th – Pink Shirt Day! Only the official t-shirt raises funds for anti-bullying programs!
  2. Pick up a lapel pin at Coast Capital Savings for those of you who wear ties, suits, blouses to work.
  3. Make a donation! Every dollar counts. Donate Now.
  4. Support all our amazing part proceeds campaigns benefiting Pink Shirt Day.
  5. #PinkItForward and help us make the internet a positive place! Be kind and respectful

In addition to that, every time someone uses the #pinkitforward hashtag, Coast Capital Savings donates $1 to the cause. What a wonderful way to use the internet – which can normally be such a negative space. So how do you use the hashtag? Post a photo of someone special on Facebook, Instagram, or on Twitter and add the caption:

Twitter: For #PinkShirtDay, I appreciate ____________ because________. Now it’s your turn to #PinkItForward

Instagram or Facebook: For #PinkShirtDay, I’m helping to stop bullying by turning the Internet into a positive place. I #PinkItForward to ________ for _______________. Now it’s your turn!

You might be thinking, “But it’s February 25th already! I can’t buy the shirt now.But… It’s not too late! Think of how much good you could be doing. The money that they raise goes to anti-bullying and violence prevention programs.

Success isn’t just about succeeding in your personal goals, making lots of money, and being happy. Being successful comes with a lot of responsibility. Be a good role model. Stand up for yourself and stand up for your loved ones and people that you care about. And you don’t have to start when you’ve reached the pinnacle of your achievements – no, start now. Pay it forward and #PinkItForward.


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