Nurturing Your Creativity

Heaven Hi and Happy Wednesday!

If you’ve been following our FB page, you probably noticed that the posts this week have been all about creativity. I want to focus on the importance of creativity and how you can nurture your own creative desires.

#1) Make Lists

I am known for habitually keeping lists and notes. If you’re a creative like me (as in, if you create art for a living), you know that your mind is full of ideas all the time. In fact, I’ve been known as “The Idea Man” before. In order to keep track of these ideas, along with everything else that goes through my head, I have to keep lists. write-593333_1920

#2) Get Feedback

Getting feedback is a great way for other people to hold you accountable and for others to help keep you in check. After all, we come up with so many ideas, we can’t possibly have Grade A ideas all of the time. We need a way to weed out the bad ones. At the time, they all feel like great ideas but in reality, some of them need to be thrown out. That’s where you friends, family, and/or coworkers come in.

#3) Read a Page of the Dictionary Every Day

success-390309_1920Reading is important for everyone because it boosts your brain power and keeps it active. You have to exercise your brain, the same as you do with your muscles or it will get weak. While it might not seem like a creative exercise, I would also suggest printing out one of those multiplication table minute-tests that you used to get in third grade (you can easily find them online) and do that once a day as well. It will keep you sharp and when you’re sharp, you are more likely to be creative and have innovative ideas.



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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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