Need to Prepare for a Big Event?

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We all have very different lives. Some of us have day jobs that require us to be able to make presentations, perform in concerts, act in front of an audience, paint or create works of art, or stand up in front of colleagues at a meeting. No matter what job you go to every day, you will inevitably need to prepare for a big event one day. It might even be an audition or an interview for a new job. In order to prepare for something like that, you can do a number of universal things.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a big event:

  1. Make healthy choices. We are all a little more self-conscious when we feel unhealthy. It might be because your clothes are a little tighter or because your skin is breaking out in pimples or rashes. Don’t wait until your big event is looming close in the distance – start now! Make healthier choices starting now. This ensures that you will be looking and feeling better when that big event comes around.
  2. Your appearance matters. Get a haircut about a week or so before your big event. Think about what clothes are appropriate for the situation. You want to make sure that you look your best.
  3. microphone-298587_1920Be prepared with the material that you have to cover. It might be a monologue that you have to memorize or a set of questions that you have to answer. Either way, you have to practice to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible.
  4. Get your phone ready. Turn your ringer off of your phone during the big event. Make sure that you turn it back on after and that you have given your clients, agents, colleagues, interviewer, or VIP the right cell number. Pack the charger in the car as well. You don’t want your phone dying during the big phone call.
  5. Get there early. Punctuality shows that you are responsible and that you care about what you are doing. My parents always told me that if you show up on time, you are late. You’re only on time when you’re early.

mayor-917149_1920How do you prepare for a big event? Do you have any extra tips for our readers? Write down your thoughts, questions and ideas in the comment section below.

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