Monday Morning Inspiration: Be YOURSELF!

Heaven High, Everyone!

I hope you are having a fantastic Monday. I know that Monday’s can be difficult – especially if you didn’t get to relax over the weekend – but the best way to overcome the Monday drudgeries is to just power through it. After all, you can’t get to Friday without first going through Monday.

In my personal opinion, Mondays are for inspiration. So here is an inspirational story that I found online. These days, people share the most mundane things on Facebook. They check in at restaurants. They talk about events that happen in ever day life.

If not that, then there are complaints and negativity everywhere. For me, Facebook is a platform that you can use in order to connect with people (be it loved ones that you don’t normally see or people that you’ve just met).

It can also be a platform to share achievements, successes, and inspirational stories. The other day, I was “stuck in a rabbit hole” (that’s when you go from one site to another, getting more and more distracted from your initial intention in the first place), when I happened upon this story.

The story of Devonte Hart. He was a little boy who struggled early in life. He grew up in an abusive and neglected household and was exposed to drugs and violence on a daily basis when he was about four years old.

Flash forward to present day, he and his siblings were adopted by Jen Hart and her wife Sarah. While difficult at first, they raised Devonte to be an incredibly generous, kind, and beautiful human being. He is a sweetheart and to illustrate this point, here is a story that Jen wrote about on her Facebook page:


An elderly man was standing at the end of the bagging area conversing with the woman checking us out. He spots our son — looks him up and down.

Man: I can tell you are going to be a baseball player when you grow up.

Son: *Pauses, tilts his head and gives a closed mouth grin* Actually, no. Baseball isn’t really my thing.

Man: Well, I can tell you are going to be a ball player.

Son: (As his mom, I can tell there is a slight frustration inside of him) No, I don’t even play baseball.

Checkout lady: Oh, I bet you’re going to be a basketball or soccer player then!

Son: No, I don’t play any sports. It’s just not my thing. There’s nothing wrong with sports or anything, I just have other interests.

Checkout lady: (in a befuddled nearly astonished voice) WHAT!?!? I have NEVER met a kid that looks(!!!) like you that doesn’t play sports.

Man: *chuckling* Right?! Never. They all do!

***My face was as red as my hair at this point. It was so obviously clear what was happening. While I wanted so badly to step in and protect my son from the ongoing racial stereotyping, I didn’t. I let him step into his own power and he handled it brilliantly***

Son: Well, of course you’ve never met a kid like me. I’m one of a kind. There’s not another person like me.

Man: Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Son: I’m here to help people. I’m here to inspire. Now.

Man: Oh, so you’re going to be a doctor? (as he laughed while he said it — not kidding)

Son: No, I’m not.

Man: Well, being a doctor is the best way to help people. What are you going to do to help and inspire people?

Son: (putting the last of the bags in the cart) I’m going to be myself. No matter how much people try to make me something I am not. Have a great night! *flashes ginormous smile*

So I’ll pose that question to you now. How are you going to help and inspire the people around you?

Have a fantastic Monday and B BOP!

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