Life, One Scene At A Time (Part II)

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Part of the process of becoming an actor is getting used to the presence of the camera and beginning to feel like it’s just another friend of yours in the room. Nowadays people can get that kind of experience very easily if they use tools (like portable video cameras and YouTube) that are easily available and if they will become more aware of chances to make easy, simple videos.

I do a lot of acting coaching and success coaching with business people. Many of them are already very successful but the reason they come to me for help is because they’ve heard that video is ‘where it’s at’ today in terms of using the internet in business (and that’s very true!). Their problem usually is that they sometimes lose all their confidence when they know they’re being filmed.

I always try to get them started with little, small, easy-step projects that will take them step by step, just like a baby learning to walk, up the ladder from simple video projects to more sophisticated one. This is a practical, simple process that works every time.

There’s a saying that ‘fear’ is just False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R…get it?) and I think that’s true. I’ve never heard of a camera biting anyone. Anybody can get excited about something and even for those things that maybe they’re not so excited about…they can still learn to act excited.

That’s really what acting is about…..expanding your emotional flexibility so that your personality gets wider and bigger and more flexible than ever before. Since so many of the situations we get into in life call for the same personal skills of expression…’s like it’s a movie that only has a handful of basic scripts.

I tell my acting students and life coaching students that once they learn some of the techniques I will show them about acting for real life (which by the way is the name of a book I recently wrote, “Acting For Real”) they’ll be amazed at how much more confidence they’ll have in everyday common business and personal situations.

Matter of fact, from the bedroom to the beer hall to the boardroom, life is just a series of scenes that we find ourselves in again and again and again.

I’m finding that many of my adult students are interested in the internet. They want to know what it takes to market themselves, their company, their products, services and ideas via the internet. I always tell them that the most important skill they can learn is how to make good videos.

I really believe that. I know internet video works because not only have I been making a living with film and video for almost all my life but my two sons do it too…although in a slightly different way.

My sons, James and Tyler McFadden (AKA: The McFadden Brothers) got interested in video and YouTube many years ago when it was still fairly new. They really dug into learning all they could about videos and eventually they became one of YouTube’s first YouTube Partners. Some of their videos have received over 1,000,000 views.

I’m really excited about how many people today are waking up to the idea that the internet and is the ‘the People’s Hollywood‘. Every month there’s new success stories of people using video successfully in affiliate marketing or in expanding markets for their own products, services and companies.

I share all the knowledge of my many years of successful acting and James and Tyler share their several years of experience making successful online videos. It’s a winning combination that’s helps people achieve greater success, quicker and have more fun doing it.

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Thom McFadden, known as Hollywood’s “Coach to the Stars”, has been helping actors, writers, producers, directors and hundreds of other entertainment industry professionals to achieve new levels of success for over twenty years through his personal coaching and life-changing seminars and courses. Thom has been featured in 26 mainstream movies and over 100 television shows over his illustrious career.