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Heaven High and Happy Tuesday!

I’m a pretty friendly guy and I always like to take time to chat with people when I can. I take life just like I took my acting career…once scene at a time. During the day when I’m out and about I like to ask people where they’re from and what they do. Of course, if I meet them where they work I already know what they do.

But sometimes people will ask me what I do. When I tell them some of the many things that I’m doing now and that I used to be a Hollywood actor and TV star, they almost always say something like,

“Ahhh man! I wish I could do that!”

I usually don’t have time to talk to them about how strongly I feel that they could make it in Hollywood if they really wanted to. But I was thinking the other day about how they have so much more opportunities to ‘be in the movies’ than me and my generation ever did.

You see, we didn’t have the internet and YouTube and inexpensive video recorders back then. Back then the average person maybe had a little Kodak still camera, or later on maybe they had a camera that took color pictures or slides. But certainly they never had something that they could whip out in 5 seconds and capture video on-the-spot like they can today.

I know that back in the golden days of Hollywood there were a lot of very creative people who probably would have taken those kind of simple tools and just started making their own simple movies. I’m sure some of those people would have eventually graduated up to higher levels of acting too….in Hollywood or on Broadway or perhaps on TV.

Actors back when I was learning the trade took a long time to get the kind of practice you can get very easily, actually ‘in’ your own movies today. When I have a chance to give advice to would-be actors, I always tell them to make as many home movies as they can.

Nowadays getting practice acting and presenting yourself and speaking on camera is so much easier than it used to be. I know that lots of people are initially a little shy about being on the front end of a camera but I always tell people that the best way to become a star is to pick a niche that they’re interested in and just make a little, teeny movie about that. I tell them to start from there and then gradually make bigger and better movies as they get more practice.

Lots of people I meet already have an interest in some type of career other than Hollywood and I often ask them if they’re ‘doing anything with it’ online? Usually they don’t know what I mean.

But then I ask them if you’ve ever made any movies or videos and put them on YouTube. Most of them know what YouTube is but oddly enough they very seldom have ever made a video of themselves….I mean, a video movie where they’re actually speaking about something or presenting something or trying to make a point to the viewing audience.

To learn more about this, “tune in again” this Thursday for more tips!

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