Improving Success With Your Personality

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Today I wanted to talk about what it takes to court clients, agents, and other people that you need to impress. Personality is incredibly important in these situations because when we are faced with the option of working with different people and their respective personalities, we have a tendency of choosing certain “types”. So what can you do to improve your likability?

#1) BLT Isn’t Just a Sandwich

BLT stands for:

  • Believability,
  • Likability, and
  • Trustworthiness

If you cultivate a these three personality traits, colleagues will pass that on (and so will clients and agents). You can cultivate this reputation by showing examples of these traits as often as you can. Always stick to your word. Be courteous and kind to others. Help others and show emptathy. Be someone that they can trust.

#2) It’s Not Always About You

Showing interest and curiosity in other people makes them more open to you. Open ended questions are great for getting to know other people. The other half of this is that you have to actively listen. Don’t just think about how you can work the conversation to work in you favor. Be in the moment – their moment – and focus on them.


Engage them by speaking to them with your body language as well as your voice. Your gestures speak louder than your actions. If you’re crossing your arms and looking away, it will be obvious that you’re not interested in what they have to say.


Being open-minded about other people is also important. Being judgmental of others or gossiping about them on a regular basis will invited negativity into your relationships.

#3) So Important: The First Impression

No matter what anyone says, everyone forms an initial judgement as soon as they meet you. It is imperative to make a great first impression – which has a lot to do with appearance. However, it doesn’t just deal with the visual. Yes, dress appropriately and professionally. It is also equally important to make a good impression on all of their senses. Make sure that your clothes fit. Have good manners. Give a firm handshake. Don’t overdo the cologne or perfume and hygiene is important. So important!

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