Importance Of Regular Content Uploads

Heaven High to all my Video Makers and Video Marketers…

How are you doing? Well, I hope you’re doing well. Today I’ve got a fairly simple point to make but I’m also going to let you know why it’s a lot more important than it is complicated. You’ll see what I mean as you read through.

I want to remind you of something that was mentioned in the YouTube Creator Playbook. In that document, it told us that one of the ingredients of a highly rated YouTube channel was that it had content added to it on a regular basis.

That’s still true but did you ever wonder why Google feels that way.

It’s because Google is in the information business…right? And if they see you adding new information to your channel on a regular basis they’re going to appreciate you for it.

Of course, they won’t appreciate you for long if you aren’t ethical about it…i.e. don’t optimize your videos to imply that they’re about Panama Travel destinations when really it’s about cross-country motorcycling gear. Google won’t like that.

But basically I just want you to remember that it’s important and valuable to publish content regularly. A lot of people agonize so much about the quality of their videos that they don’t do any. Remember that your videos don’t have to be super sophisticated content either.

Matter of fact Google and YouTube doesn’t even mind if import some videos produced by other people into your channel. With the huge amount of videos being uploaded to YouTube even by the minute, there’s so much information there that YouTube even is scrambling to index it all the way they’d like to have it.

If you, as a YouTube Channel owner, feel that somebody else’s video would be interesting and/or valuable for your audience, Google doesn’t mind. They assume that you’re thinking of them because they might not ever see those other videos just on their own. So….they don’t mind you using other videos in your channel.

Also remember that there’s nothing wrong with slide shows with music and/or narrative. That’s what ‘normal’ used to be, right? There’s several ways to easily make slide shows too but I’ll give you some more info about that subject in a later post.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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