I See You’ve Survived April Fools’ Day!

Heaven High and Happy Wednesday!

If you’re reading this then you must have survived another April Fools’ Day. Did you play any practical jokes on anyone today? Or did someone play a trick on you?

Being the butt of someone’s joke can be frustrating but keep in mind that having a good sense of humor is the mark of a successful person. Not only should we not take ourselves too seriously but we should also learn how to:

• Take criticisms from others
• Know the difference between things that you should be angry about and things that you should just let go

Besides, it’s much more fun to get even with them next year. Sure, you could get back at them tomorrow but a well-planned practical joke (that doesn’t hurt anyone) can be priceless. Need some ideas? Check these out:

If you want to take a tip from some of the most successful companies out there, check out this compilation of 2015 Company April Fools “pranks”. I’m a big fan of the Google Maps “prank” myself.

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