How to Work Less for Success

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Today I wanted to talk with you about hard work. Working hard is a necessity for people who want to be successful (including you and me). However, we have a tendency of unnecessarily overburdening ourselves. There are tasks that must be done, but often we are too focused to realize that we are actually overworking ourselves. Here are some tips on how successful people keep that balance between their professional and personal life in addition to minimizing their chance of overburdening themselves.

#1) Disconnecting from the World/Work

One way that they keep their stress level down is to disconnect at the appropriate times. Keeping your professional and personal lives separate is important if you want to retain a healthy amount of balance in your life.

If you can’t electronically separate yourself from work on your weekend, then it’s like you never really left work. The same goes for your professional life. If you’re constantly checking your social media accounts or texting your family/friends about non-emergencies, you’re not really giving work your 100%.

#2) The Power of Reflection

I like to reflect a little bit after every workday. I sit back with a glass of wine and think about my successes, what I could have worked on, what I want to improve upon the next day, etc. Reflection is a powerful improvement tool.

At the minimum, try and spend about a half an hour reflecting on your work week during the weekend. When you have some quiet time to focus on yourself, you’ll start seeing your experiences in a new light.

#3) Pursue Your Passion

I’m not saying that you should drop everything and blindly start your own business. No, pursuing your passion is more than just diving into the deep end of a pool. What I mean is that you should have hobbies that you enjoy by yourself. Indulging in these activities on the weekends will allow you to have some much needed down time.

This will also expand your knowledge base – which will aid you in developing more creative and innovative ideas at work. After all, being creative is all about making connections between different ideas and experiences.

#4) Schedule Some Day Trips & Mini-Adventures

Studies show that when you anticipate the weekend, your daily tasks become more pleasurable and you’re more motivated to get these done (and done well). This is a great way to improve your mood throughout the work week. Traveling – even just micro-adventures – have also been proven to boost creativity.

Go out and explore the world. Do things that you’ve never done before. If you’re a little short on funds, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything exciting over the weekend. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy for little to no money:

  • Movie or game night with some friends/family, held at your house. Make it even more inexpensive by making it a potluck.
  • Day trip with a significant other. Just get away for a day. Pack the cooler full of food from home that you can snack on throughout the day, fill the gas tank, and go as far as your car can take you for a day or two.
  • Meet some friends at the park for a picnic and some outdoor games.
  • Go on a hike and/or an overnight camping trip. Make it more fun by going geocaching as well.
  • Create a bucket list with your significant other or some friends and start to check off some items.

#5) Prepare for the Week

Use Sunday as a day to plan your upcoming week. It only takes about 30 minutes to plan out some big tasks, map out deadlines, and revisit meeting times in order to make the work week a little more manageable and a little less intimidating. Monday morning won’t seem as ominous if you know just what you have to do before you get to the office.

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