How to Successfully Fund Your Side Business

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Are you working a full time job to support your family and your passion? Here are six steps to help you fund your passion and/or your side business.

#1) Stalk the Dollar Signs


These days you won’t be able to save your way to your passion. I’m sorry to say that your savings just isn’t quite long enough. In addition to saving money, you’re also going to need to supplement your income or follow the dollar signs up the corporate ladder.

#2) Don’t Flaunt the Money You Don’t Have

Showing off the money that you don’t necessarily have is really counterintuitive these days. With how quickly technology is changing, you won’t be able to show off your new toys for too long anyway. Don’t spend your new income on things like luxury cars and watches unless it can make you money. Be known for your work ethic, dedication, and intelligence instead of what you have on your arm.

#3) Don’t Neglect Your Funds

If you ignore your money, it will ignore you – or even worse, it might leave you. Don’t just put your money away in a savings account. Invest it. Pay attention to it. Show it some love. Treat your funds like a puppy. If you ignore it, who knows where it will go – but if you train it and treat it right, it’ll be there for you.

#4) Being a Starving Artist is Only Novel for About a Day

I’ve been poor. I’ve been unemployed. I’ve been at the point where I’m struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. The idea of being a “starving artist” and that “my situation is okay for now” is not good enough. Bill Gates once said that it’s not your fault if you’re born poor. However, “if you die pour, it is your mistake.” Take the initiative and be proactive in funding your life and your ambitions.

#5) Shoot for More


The biggest mistake that we often make is that we don’t think be enough. If you’re aiming to make a million dollars – aim higher. Reach for $10 million. There’s more than enough money to go around, you just have to know where to go and how to get some.

#6) Get a Mentor

Find someone who lives the lifestyle that you want and study his or her professional habits. A lot of successful people are very generous when it comes to knowledge and resources. If you can get a chance to pick at their brains or perhaps read a book that he or she wrote, even better!

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