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Heaven High and Happy Friday!

Since it’s Friday, I don’t wanted to talk about something other than business. After all, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day after all. So – with that in mind – on this pre-Valentine’s Day, I would like to share this adorable Valentine’s Day video with you:

Valentine’s Day is a joyous holiday indeed. We shower our loved ones with attention and love. But have you ever thought about where the holiday comes from? A lot of cynics believe that it is just another way for corporations to sell consumers millions and millions of products.
If you’re not a cynic, check out this sweet representation of where the holiday possibly came from:

While we may never be sure if the holiday was birthed from that moment (there are other ideas that put the holiday’s origin at a Pagan ritual) however this story has been told (in various forms) throughout centuries.

How are you going to spend the day with your loved ones? Are you lucky enough to be able to benefit from the fact that it falls on a Saturday this year? If you’re without a gift, why not grab a FREE COPY of my book, Acting for Real? All you have to do is click that beautiful, green button below.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remember to BE BOP!
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