Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

Heaven High and Happy Tuesday!

Do you ever run into a rut where you just can’t get inspired by anything? Every now and then I find myself stuck. It’s not that I don’t want to work or create (though we all have those days too). It’s that I can’t find the inspiration that’ll help me stay motivated.

It was the great Jack London (author of “The Call of the Wild”, “White Fang”, and “The Sea-Wolf)) who said,

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club!”

That’s exactly what I want to teach you today. I want to teach you how to run after inspiration and hogtie it down. Be proactive in your creativity by creating your own inspiration out of everyday things.


#1) Don’t Be Afraid of Risks



There is always a risk when you do anything. Getting up out of bed in the morning could lead to a myriad of different mishaps. You could burn your tongue on hot coffee. You could get hit by a car. You could get fired. So what is it that assesses the value of each risk in our heads? More importantly, what decides which risk is too dangerous to take?

On the flip side of that coin is the chance to rise above our challenges, which will lead to unique opportunities. There are small and large risks that you could take, which could lead you to a multitude of chances that would otherwise be unavailable to you if you stayed on the safe road.

So go ahead: speak up at the next meeting, think outside of the box for your next project, go out and network with strangers, don’t be afraid to approach your mentor and ask him or her a question about success, etc.


#2) Notice the Details


Noticing the small details around you will help you make small connections between different topics. Exploration is natural for us. We are naturally curious. For some of us, that curiosity is hampered as we get older. So look into how things work. Learn new things. Take classes. Read about topics that interest you. Go outdoors. Look around. Be aware.

Part of this has to do with being present. Instead of overlooking the small details, be present in your activity and notice all of those tiny aspects that you would otherwise ignore.


#3) Find Inspiration Online



Let’s face it, you’re probably on the internet for longer than you need to be each day, right? Why not spend that time looking at things that will inspire you instead of watching an endless string of cat videos (though those videos do make us happy).

Watch a TED video. Read blogs of people that inspire you or that you admire. Participate in forums to open your view to other’s POVs. Search for inspirational images, FB posts, tweets, and other things that you can use as a jumping off point. Print out those images and tack them up in your office. Surround yourself in inspiration.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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