Father’s Day Weekend

Heaven High and Happy Friday!



This weekend marks an important day of the year and one that is close to my heart: Father’s Day. Parents can be the most important impact in a child’s life. Depending on how you raise your kids, you may have the next president of the United States in the next room. You might have even changed his or her diapers. That puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it?


Mothers play a wonderful and nurturing part of a child’s life. They have this fantastic connection with their children because of the fact that they carried them in their womb for nine months. That is a powerful connection! There is no doubt that a mother can be the most significant person in a child’s life.



Fathers play an important part also and they can sometimes appear to get the short end of the stick when it comes to being a parent. Parenthood is an important partnership between two people. They have to make sure to put the needs of their child first. Sometimes it works to have a, sort of, “good cop, bad cop” partnership. However, the most effective partnership is one where they play, learn, grow, and love one another. They teach their kids (both sons and daughters) about so many things.


Fathers teach their children what honest to goodness, undying love is like. No matter what their kids put them through (and believe me, it can get rough), fathers will always love their children.


Fathers influence what their future partners will be like. Kids watch how their parents treat each other and they take mental notes. Potentially, this is how they will treat their partners when they grow up.


Fathers make some of the most impactful memories in their children’s lives. They go out and play in the mud together. They take road trips and go camping. They wake up at the crack of dawn so that they can go hunting or fishing. There are family fun nights, movie nights, game nights, big breakfasts on the weekends, hikes after school, etc. There are so many ways that fathers make memories that are always cherished by their children.


I get the privilege of being both a father and a grandfather. My family is the most important thing in my life. We love and support one another and that is one of the reasons why we are so successful in life. That support system is a significant aspect of success!


Happy Father’s Day, everyone!



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