Entrepreneurship & Acting… Are They The Same?

Recently, I read an article which talked about an interview with David Lear (Dell’s executive director of sustainability) and Adrian Grenier (the social good advocate for Dell). The interview talked about the “Legacy of Good.” Grenier makes the point of saying that new entrepreneurs (the youngest generation of entrepreneurs) need to start thinking more creatively and differently. They need to develop more sustainable and “conscious consumption” business practices.

This got me thinking, “Do these lessons and examples (that he talks about in the article) only refer to entrepreneurs?” Of course not. In fact, I believe that his lessons can be applicable to anyone who wants to get ahead in life.

In the article he talks about three specific ways that you can incorporate this type of thinking into your business. I want to talk about two of those concepts.

#1) Operate “Consciously”

He specifically talks about how a conscious business operates “in a way where both internally – and externally-affected parties typically feel seen and heard.” In addition to this both of their needs are met and problems are solved – with little to no resistance.


No matter who you are or what you are doing in life – if you want to get ahead in life, you need to make sure that you are acting consciously, just like the business model example above. Sure, you may get to where you want (the top of that ladder) by stepping on people and not caring about others’ feelings but be careful who you anger along the way up – you’ll see them again on the way down.

#2) Think Big But Start Small

We all have big goals and big dreams. We want to be a star. We want our names in lights. We want our names to be synonymous with great deeds, talent, fame, money, and/or power. Well, we might not ALL want those things but most of us do have a big goal in mind.

What is your big goal? Do you want to be an entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar business that you nurtured from scratch? Do you want to be a world-famous writer with books that touch the hearts of millions of fans? Do you want to be an actor (or actress) that has his or her pick of movie roles and that has directors, fans, and other clamoring for your attention?

This is a healthy (not to mention, optimistic and powerful) way to live your life – through goals. There are two main ways to achieve big goals though:

1. Always break them down into small, achievable, short-term goals.
2. Always have more than one goal in mind.


Sometimes these big goals can seem overwhelming and can appear as though we can’t actually achieve them. However, a lot of us do achieve those dreams and goals. Then what happens when you do? What happens when you do become a successful actor? Do you stop working? Of course not! You keep bettering yourself in different ways!

Now that you’ve got these tips, please go out and use them! And if you want to know more about how to be successful, grab a FREE COPY of my book, ACTING FOR REAL, by clicking on that beautiful green button below.


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