The Secret of Being Successful

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Change How You Communicate and You’ll Instantly Change Your Business and Your Life.


Have you ever thought about what separates highly successful people from those who haven’t achieved what they really desire on a personal or business level? Although there’s no single answer, there is one distinguishing factor that separates leaders from those who are only getting by. That’s effective communications.

Think about it. Quality communication has changed the world.“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address ” Martin Luther King said. For anyone…at any stage of life powerful and effective communications can change anything and everything’.

LifeStand is a fun, safe, encouraging environment where you can learn skills to over come stage fright, fear of public speaking and on camera anxiety because we are dedicated to communication and leadership.We quickly teach you on how to find “The Communicator in You”

You get to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself at your own pace. You’re nudged and encouraged but you’re not pushed, and you don’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with,“Everything about Lifestand is about building confidence – both in communication and leadership skills,”. With members age 20 to 87, the group appeals to a variety of individuals.

I invite you to join us. I assure you that your “time investment” with LifeStand will be worth your while.

Join Thom McFadden, Author, Actor “Coach To The Stars” and Life Coach for 30 days and have the opportunity to ask him the ‘secret’ questions about success. Thom’s knowledge is gained through a distinguished and successful Hollywood and entrepreneurial career and he normally charges thousands of dollars for personal consultations and coaching. But in this entirely new product and marketing concept….YOU get him FREE for four full fun-filled and life-enhancing weeks. The fear of speaking in public is a real emotion that can be overcome, here is the deal…

Are you looking for not only an effective and fun way to break out of your comfort zone and become a more creative and more effective communicator in your personal and professional life? It’s true! In today’s highly competitive and stressful environment, lots of people are….and here’s how Thom McFadden can assist you to do just that.

Let me ask you this….

Are You a social mixer?

Are you a good talker…especially to people you don’t know?

Do you feel confident to speak to a room full of people or be on camera effectively?

Well, if your answer is “No!”….you’re definitely not alone.



Chances are, YOU are a glossophobe. A Glossa what? Here’s why: Public speaking is considered the greatest fear a person can have, even greater than the fear of death. Do you know that glossophobia is one of the most common phobias? As many as 75% people have glossophobia. Statistically, far more of us claim that we would prefer death to giving a speech; .Most people aren’t confident in expressing themselves….especially if it involves public speaking .

Thom can teach you how to do that. Through his Lifestand mentorship and “The Communicator” course you’ll learn the skills that Thom has developed and continues to use in his successful career. These are the same skills that busy and already-successful executives pay him BIG bucks to learn in workshops and private coaching.


Why This Course?

There’s two obvious answers:

#1) It’s truly unique and you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Plus, if you’re like most people along the information highway, you’ve already got shelves of courses that you haven’t gotten much, if anything, out of so…what’s one more going to hurt? But…we really don’t want this course to be like those and as a matter of fact, we’re not even going to LET just anybody take it. We want you to get a LOT out of it and….you WILL if we let you take it.

#2. It’s FREE…..really and truly FREE. The first four weeks is the very same material that Thom has carefully developed and perfected over the years and still charges big money for from his personal success-coaching and executive-coaching clients ($2,997) a month. But, in this format, you get it all for free (again…if you’re accepted)

But wait!

There’s a more important answer….a third answer that really defines why certain people, maybe somebody like YOU, should take this course:

#3) Personal development. It has been a hot item, a hot seller and a popular endeavor for most of the 19th century…

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

“The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck

People still read but most of that reading is online now. Plus, an ever increasing percentage of that learning is accomplished via online video.

In order to win in business and personal affairs today people need to be a “master communicator”, because the people they’re trying to reach and influence are busy.…busier than ever. Those potential customers live life in the ‘fast lane’….they don’t have time to deliberate and ‘mull over’ decisions…….success and gratification is based on speed of implementation.

That means that the modern marketer has to be proficient at using the tools that will reach today’s consumer, get their attention and make a compelling offer in a speedy, highly concentrated moment of communication.

When the physical, emotional, and intellectual principles of good public speaking are made simple, fear washes away and becomes anticipation!

LifeStands unique approach to coaching and content development transforms corporate presentations into strategic and impactful interactions that support your business goals. Our hands on, direct empowering coaching programs based on the same simple strategies that actors use to develop personalities for the stage and screen achieve immediate and demonstrable improvements in presentation skills. We offer basic skills workshops, customized content workshops, one-on-one coaching, and presentation development.

Through our offerings, you will uncover personal confidence, obtain tools to overcome the common fear of public speaking, and ultimately improve business results through a stronger connection with your audiences.