De-cluttering Your Mind & Your Soul For Success

Heaven High and Happy Wednesday!

How has the beginning of your week been? I have been busy, busy, busy doing work behind the scenes and getting ready to launch all of our special products. I love being busy – though it is important to note that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being productive. Maybe it’s more like I love being productive! Don’t you? That feeling of accomplishment after you finish a task is unparalleled.

Today I want to talk about an unfortunate byproduct of being productive: clutter. Literal and figurative clutter, to be precise.

Literal Clutter

We can be some of the cleanest people on the planet and clutter can still sneak its way into our lives. Sometimes we can’t escape it. However, we can try to control it. The key to controlling clutter (in your office, bedroom, home office, closets, vehicles, etc.) is to be consistent about:

Creating Space & Making Homes


Everything in its place, or at least that is what my parents used to tell me when I was a kid. Everything that you own should have a home or a space for itself. It doesn’t have to be conventional, but it should be somewhere that makes sense to you. That way when you think of where to put it, you won’t have to think hard (it will already be a habit to set it there), and you won’t have to go looking for it.

Decide One Thing At A Time

"This is just the first load..."

“This is just the first load…”

When you come across a big project like cleaning a space or any other tremendous undertakings (pursuing your dream for example) it can appear to be too much to handle at one time. To avoid getting overwhelmed, break up your big goal into smaller goals and tackle one small goal at a time.

Do you need to pack up a room or organize it? Clear off a section on your desk or floor. Now, take a pile of things at a time, bring them into your clean space and organize or pack it right there.

Figurative Clutter

At any given time of the day, our mind is filled with all kinds of clutter. Our minds gather information all day and at the end of the day, it’s filled with millions of tidbits. Some of it is important but most of it isn’t. So how do we clear all of that mental, figurative clutter? There are few things that we can do…


Meditation doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual in nature (though it can be used that way – “prayer” for example). In general, the main reason for mediation is to clear your mind and be one with the environment. You can compare it to hitting the reset button. So why don’t more people meditate?
Well, for one thing, more people meditate than you think. It is a common practice among successful people. Some people might think that it is a waste of time (“I could be doing something more productive!”) but what could be more productive than prepping your mind for the rest of the day. Or prepping it before you go to bed so that you can wake up restful and ready to take on your day?



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