Concepts that Make You An Effective & Successful Leader

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We all want to be leaders in our field. It is a sign of success and accomplishment. It’s also normally a pay raise – which is pretty handy.

#1) Actually Take Control of the Situation


Like Adm. Nimitz said during the battle of Midway, “When in command, command!” Being a successful leader means that you know when you should step up and take the helm. It also means that you should know how to take command (not just when). That means that you should make clear, precise, and direct instruction and that you should be open to suggestions and questions for clarification.

#2) The Team Comes Before Your Ego

As a leader, you must put the needs of the team in front of yourself. These people are helping you realize and create your dream. They need to be able to trust that you have their backs and their best interests in mind when you make decisions.

Not only that, it is imperative that everyone needs to pull their weight (especially you) and you can’t afford any prejudices when it comes to your employees. You must do what is best for the team despite your ego and any inadvertent favoritism.

#3) First One In The Office In The Morning


Most successful leaders are early birds and early risers. They are the first ones in the office because they know that they can get a lot done when it is quiet and they can concentrate. As soon as people start to trickle in, that quiet time is gone. They know that they will have to answer questions, concerns, troubleshoot problems, and lead meetings.

#4) The Last One Out Of The Office At Night

Successful leaders are also always the last one out of the office at night. Great leaders must inspire by example. If you want to instill an environment that fosters dedication and persistence, you must be the best example of that type of behavior.

They know that they can’t ask their team members to do something that they’re not willing to do also. Is your team staying late to finish a project? Great! So are you.

#5) Know How to Communicate


A lot of arguments, disagreements, frustrations, and irritations from our everyday lives come from miscommunication or bad communication in general. All successful people (no matter their field of expertise or where they come from) know how to communicate effectively. If you’re looking to be a leader, you can’t afford a silly case of miscommunication. Life isn’t necessarily like an episode of Three’s Company. A lot of miscommunications won’t come out in the wash. Instead you’ll end up with hurt feelings and possibly even a business flop.

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