Celebrating Our Veterans All Year

Heaven Hi and Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone!

How did you spend your Veteran’s Day today? Did you see a family member who used to serve in the military? Did you visit a memorial? Did you talk with your children about what it means to be a Veteran? Did you go to a parade or a special exhibit?

Being a vet means that you’ve risked your life to help keep your country and your loved ones safe. Someone that important should be honored more than just once a year. You can celebrate the lives and dedication of the men, women, and animals that have served in the military in many different, memorable ways throughout the year as well. Let’s talk about some of those ways, shall we?

Take a moment with a vet

Connect with a veteran

Visit a local VA or military hospital and donate your time or just say hello.

Volunteer your time to a local Fisher House

Check out your closest cemetery and learn some stories of local vets

Simply say “Thank You” and shake their hands

Pay for a cup of coffee for the next vet that comes into your favorite cafe

There are many different ways to celebrate our unsung heroes. While today is a great day for remembering and reminding us about the importance of our veterans (past, present, and future), it is also important to keep them in mind as we do the things we love the most. Because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to do those things.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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