Business Insider and Tony Robbins Talk About Public Speaking

Tony Robbins is such a fantastic speaker. You might not be his biggest fan but you can’t deny his stage presence and influence. He is charismatic and charming on stage. He is also brutally honest and funny. He recently did an interview with Business Insider where he talks about his best 3 Public Speaking Tips.

#1) Know and Respect Your Audience

Robbins talks about how understanding someone’s wants and needs helps you add value to your speech. So do your homework. Research your market and your audience.

#2) Add More Value Than Anyone Expects

Adding value to your words helps:

1) Your audience take you seriously

2) Get your audience’s attention

3) Them remember your words

#3) Tap Your Audience’s Emotions

“You need to be in the moment and flexible to make it real and raw,” Robbins says. “You’ll enjoy it, they’ll enjoy it, and you’ll be memorable.”

This also means that your passion must come out in your words. Your audience will know if you’re not passionate about the topic and in turn they will mimic your enthusiasm (or lack thereof).

When I first saw Tony Robbins, it was in a TED Talk video. Specifically this one:

It was one of the videos in a TED Talk series about mind power. While it’s not specifically a part of the Netflix TED Talk LifeHack series, the videos that are in that series will help you become a better speaker as well. It’s still on Netflix so I highly recommend that you take in a video a night. Rewatch the videos too. The fantastic part about TED Talks is that they are incredibly “rewatchable” and short.

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