Being Patriotic & Enjoying Your Success

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For everyone in America, this Saturday is the Fourth of July! It is a fantastic reason to get together with your loved ones and show off your patriotism. That brings up an interesting thought though. How many of you show your patriotism all year long? Do you hang an American flag at your home? Do you support your troops (not condoning war but supporting the troops that choose to protect our country)? Do you actively participate in ways to help your community?

Patriotism is a simple concept that can – sometimes – be blown out of proportion: showing devotion to your country. While most of us can say that we are proud to be American, some people are more – obnoxious about their devotion. So how can you show your pride without being annoying? The published an article which stated the top four ways that they suggest practicing patriotism at work. I wanted to take these great examples and expand on them.


#1) Be a Conscientious Employee



Americans aren’t handed the same hand as each other but we are all able to reap some opportunities if we work hard and stay determined. Being employed is one of those opportunities. Once you get a job, it doesn’t end there. Most jobs offer a ton of opportunities for advancement, raises in wage, discounts, etc.

One of the ways that we can ensure a good work environment for ourselves and for our coworkers is to be conscientious. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile when the opportunity arises. That will get you noticed no matter what field you are in.



#2) Participate in Opportunities Made Available By Your Company


While at work, you may be given the chance to go to corporate events like team building retreats and chances for extended learning experiences. These are all great ways that you can make good use of the opportunities that you are given.


#3) Volunteer Your Time


If you feel lucky about what you have, struggle with feelings of doubt or sadness, or if you just feel like you need to do a good deed, I urge you to volunteer your time for a cause that you feel passionate about. Sometimes your workplace will organize charity events where you can donate items, money, or your time. Don’t pass these opportunities up! They’re a great way to help a good cause and your karma points.


#4) Volunteer, Donate, Support, Appreciate, and Help!



The main idea behind all of these tips is to be courteous, kind, and give back to the community. Even the smallest good deed can help your workplace better.

What does all of this have to do with being patriotic? Sure, I didn’t mention anything about stars and stripes. However, being patriotic doesn’t just mean that you should wave your American flag around. It also means that we take advantage of the opportunities that we’re given (or that we work for!), give back to the community to help others gain opportunities, and highlight what is good about our country by example.


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