Becoming a Morning Person

Heaven Hi and Happy Wednesday!

I have an important question to ask you today.

Are you a morning person?

I didn’t used to be but waking up early is really a big part of working in this town. To be successful, businessmen and women generally have to be morning people as well. It is scientifically proven that people who are considered to be early risers or “morning people” yield more success and get more done throughout their day.

If you’re not used to getting up early, don’t fret. It can be easy to develop that habit. It just takes a little bit of dedication, some rescheduling, and a lot of discipline. Here are some tips to help you get on the right path.

#1) Watch Your Caffeine Intake

woman-601568_1920A lot of people these days are having coffee all day long. While I also enjoy the taste of coffee, having a caffeinated beverage after 5PM can mess with your sleep cycle.

#2) Set Up Your Bedroom for Success

Creating a good atmosphere for your bedroom is important for your relationship with your spouse and also to develop healthy sleep patterns that promote the act of waking up early. In the summers, let the sun wake you up by drawing back your curtains. In the winters, close them up to help keep the heat in and the cold out.

#3) Don’t Overextend Yourself

We have a tendency of overestimating how much time we actually have. We say yes to projects when we are already overbooked. The end of your day should be a time where you can decompress after your day instead of being over-stressed over your projects.

#4) Breakfast Is Important For Your Sleep Patterns Too

poached-eggs-on-toast-739401_1920All right, so you’ve been going to bed earlier and you’ve stopped drinking coffee after 5PM. However, sometimes it’s just easier to stay in bed when your alarm goes off at 5AM or 7AM – or at all. Sometimes it’s just easy to get out of bed when it’s cold outside and the blankets have you under their control. After a good night’s rest, your morning routine is when your metabolism and your blood sugar are at the lowest. Give them a boost with a morning dost of protein. Double that with some whole grains and some fruits and veggies and you’ve got the breakfast combination of a champion.

#5) Reward Yourself For Your Accomplishments

Building that habit is hard. Reward your accomplishments with something small. Read a chapter of your favorite book or your favorite blog. Listen to an inspiring podcast or watch a video that makes you laugh or smile.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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