Bananas, Bugs, And Action

My wife Nancy went shopping a few days ago and brought back some bananas. I left them out on the kitchen table for a few days to ripen and they wound up attracting those annoying little ‘banana bugs’ that I’m sure you’ve seen. Nancy told me we should have ‘taken action’ and eaten them sooner.

That reminded me of how important it is to take action and follow through on goals in life too.

Now… I sit back and think about how…’lights….camera…ACTION!’ has been one of the primary keys to my success in acting and life. Our nation certainly never would have been born if the founding fathers waited for everything to be perfect to take action.

I mean, they were, for the most part, just ‘normal people’ of their day. They came from all walks of life. Yes, some were academics but for the most part they were the ‘butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker’ of their time.

They certainly never had any idea of being founders of a nation that would grow to span from ‘sea to shining sea’, win two world wars, send the first man to the moon, and be the shining light of democracy that America is (some would say ‘once was’).

In my success coaching I talk and teach a lot about visualizing how different characters act and then modeling that behavior so that you can get the same outcome. We’re lucky today because we have models for most of the behaviors we try to model but I wonder who the early founding fathers modeling when they were facing the challenges they faced.

They were for sure sailing in uncharted waters when they tried to stand up for their rights and to rally their fellow colonists to the revolutionary cause. I’m sure there were lots of times when they wished they could just go to work and get paid and live a normal, peaceful life.

I’m sure that many times they were more nervous than any actor has ever been on stage. But something drove them forward and the show did go on (as we say in the theater).

In their case, they knew they could lose their lives if they didn’t ‘play’ correctly this new, unwanted role that fate had thrust upon them. At least all we had to worry about when I was in theater was a bad press review or, at the worst, a flying tomato.

My theory is that the founding fathers got their inspiration from their deep belief in the providence of God and their conviction that freedom was their right from Him rather than a gift occasionally enjoyed at the pleasure of King George back in England. They were firmly convicted that ‘all men are created equal’.

I think that hasn’t changed. All men (and women) are truly created equal. In spite of the ups and downs that we all go through there’s as much opportunity around today as ever.

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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