An Important Message About The Arts

Heaven Hi and Happy Friday!

I wanted to talk about something a little lighthearted today since it is National Saxophone Day. However, this topic is also important for your life, no matter what profession you are in and no matter what road your personal life takes. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of music.

Music and the arts are such an important part of our children’s education. It is sad to think that some school districts don’t have the funding to keep their arts programs open and available for kids. If your student isn’t able to attend art courses in his or her school, consider enrolling them in an after school art program. It might be a club that your school has after hours. You could have your child pick up an instrument that he or she is interested in. You could enroll him or her in a drawing, writing, or a different art course outside of the school grounds.

Even just exposing your children to the arts during your spare time together is important. Make it a family affair by taking your kids to a pottery painting studio so that he can paint his own hot chocolate mug or Christmas plate.

pencil-case-932143_1920If you don’t have the money for an art program (those classes can get pretty pricey after a while), you can go a different route by picking up an instrument at a second hand shop, going to the library to find how-to books and videos, and watching YouTube videos at home. Together, your family can learn how to play their own instruments – though you may want to take an introductory course eventually.

Being exposed to art at a young age is important. However, even if you weren’t exposed to art as a child, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make up for it now. Consider taking a singing course, joining your church choir, learning how to draw, or just even appreciating music on a daily basis. Listen to different types of music and think about how the different genres affect your mood and spirit. Go to art museums. Watch different types of movies. For goodness sakes, read as much as you can. All of it is art and it is all important in your development as a person.

pencil-432613_1920Art can help you communicate your thoughts in a proactive and positive forum. Art can aid you as you learn other subjects by exposing you to different patterns and thought styles. It can aid you in memory enhancement and in understanding different topics. Art is life.

How do you bring art into your life? Do you create your own or do you appreciate others’? Do you have any art aspirations for your future? How do you expose your children to the arts?

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Well, until next time! B BOP!

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