A Powerful Tip for Public Speaking Success

Heaven High and Happy Friday!

To round off this workweek, I’ve got one last tip for you. It may sound like a new-age type, hippie, voodoo tip but believe me, it’s anything but…

Gather positive energy from the people around you.

Before you chalk this up to hippie talk, hear me out. When you surround yourself with positive people, their optimism will rub off on you. Do you know what happens to a person when he or she is more optimistic?

All of that positive energy will boost your confidence and will make you feel like you’re not all alone in this scary situation that you are in. Optimism also helps to:

1. Prolong your life. Studies have shown that optimists tend to live longer (than pessimists) because positive thinking and attitude helps your body’s immune system. It boosts your body’s defense levels so that your mind, body, and soul can deal with stress and disease better.


2. Boost your confidence. When you are in a positive mood, you think positive thoughts. Nothing is a better ego boost than knowing things are going to be all right. Another tip? Nothing gives you a natural facelift like smiling.

3. Jump start you into action. One of the things that optimists have in common is that they’re not afraid to take action. While people who are pessimistic have to worry about everything that could get in their way, optimists realize that taking action is the only thing that will get results.

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