7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity for Success

Heaven High and Happy Tuesday!

This week on Facebook, we’ve been focusing on creativity. I want to continue on that trend and talk about ways that you can boost your creativity for success in business and in your personal life.

#1) Write Down Your Ideas



I have come to realize that when I’m restless in bed at night it is usually because I have too much on my mind. Because of that, I’m unable to relax or even concentrate on one thing at a time. I’ve started to keep a notepad and a pencil on my nightstand. I write down everything on my mind and it helps to calm down my subconscious – calm enough so that I can fall asleep.

This method works for creativity as well. When you’re bombarded with ideas that aren’t on topic or if you can’t give your project the concentration that it deserves, write down all of the ideas that come to mind. It doesn’t matter if you think it won’t work well, if it’s not “good”, or if you think that you’ve finally found the idea that you want to go with.

Writing down all of your ideas can help clear your mind for new ideas and will help you connect each ideas so that you can form a super-idea!

#2) Read A Lot

Reading helps expand your mind. The more that you are exposed to, the more connections your mind can make. Not only that, reading helps your comprehension, intelligence, ability to understand new ideas, and ability to concentrate.

#3) Think Outside the Box


Just because you think an idea isn’t one that you would normally choose, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it the attention that it deserves. Write down all of your ideas. Don’t be afraid of the different ones or the ones that are a little “too wild and crazy”. Sometimes that’s what you and your project needs in order to thrive.

#4) The Color Blue

The color blue is supposed to help open your mind and boost creativity while colors like red are supposed to help you focus on details. Utilize this by using these colors appropriately. I like having blue sticky notes around the office so that I can jot down my ideas on something that will help boost my creativity. I also like using blue dry erase markers on my big white board when I’m brainstorming new ideas for a project.

#5) Meditate

Meditation helps to calm down your frazzled and overstimulated mind. When your mind is calm, it is better able to think of new ideas. It is open and can think clearly without being muddled with old ideas. If you are having trouble thinking about your project, take a moment to yourself and find a quiet place where you can meditate for five minutes or so.

#6) Take Time To Learn A New Hobby


Learning new things helps your brain form new connections from your old ideas to the new concepts. These new synapses will help further evolve your intelligence and your enthusiasm for your work.

#7) Exercise and Fresh Air

Whenever I get stuck on something or find that I can’t seem to solve a particular problem, I do one of two things: (1) I go do something else, or (2) I go for a walk. There’s something about fresh air that works like the “reset” button for your brain. When I get back to my desk, I can see new possibilities that I hadn’t seen before.

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