5 Ways to Help Exercise Your Memory

Heaven High and Happy Thursday!

How are you doing on this fantastic Thursday? It is almost to the end of your workweek! Can you believe that it’s almost Friday?! I will often lose days during the middle of my workweek because I get so busy that the days seem to run together.

Unfortunately for some, they keep losing days because their memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Memory loss is a hot topic right now – mainly due to the rise of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The focus has been on how people are losing their memory. However, what if we all focus our efforts on how to keep our memories instead?

Here are five tips on how to train your brain and exercise your memory.

#1) Focus on When You Remember Things

We often focus too much on when our memory fails. Because of that, we think that we have horrible memories. Instead, focus more on when you remember things. If we’ve learned anything from the reinforcement lessons that we’ve learned from our schooling, it’s that positive reinforcement helps us more than negative reinforcement. Focus and reward your brain for remembering tasks, items, activities, etc.

#2) Stop Multitasking

In order to create a memory, we must pay close attention to something. Since we rarely give our full attention to anything these days, it’s no wonder why we can’t hold onto information anymore. Instead of dividing your attention between two or more tasks or thoughts, focus on one at a time. That is when you will generate the best work and that is when you’ll begin to hold onto more info in your brain.

#3) Make Connections to What You Know

Do you agree that new information is harder to remember than things which you’ve learned in the past? Especially as adults, it can be difficult to hold onto new info unless we make the necessary connections in our brain. We are absorbing new things every day. We are building more connections and bridging new ideas in our mind at all times.

When we learn new ideas, or if you want to remember something specifically, you should try to connect that new information to something that you already know. Want to remember that “inu” is the Japanese word for dog? Picture a dog sitting “in your” lap. Making this conscious connection will help strengthen your memory.

#4) Make the Info Larger Than Life

Our minds are wonderful and amazing things. However, sometimes we need to help it do certain tasks because it is being bombarded with so much information all the time. After all, just because you see something or because someone told you something, doesn’t mean that you will remember it. What you need to do is make that idea stick by trying to remember it with a fantastic visual. The weirder the better because that only makes it more memorable.

#5) Become Interested in What You Have to Remember

When we are kids, we are open minded about a lot of things. This helps us remember more ideas because we are more open to them. As we grow older, we begin to focus our attention more. We begin to only focus on what interests us. Uninteresting things get pushed to the backs of our minds and are less likely to be remembered. Making the conscious decision to try and make ideas more important and being more interested in these things will help you remember them.

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