5 Ways to Gain Success in 2015 Using the Power of Words

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Thom about New Year’s resolutions. We also talked about the power of words, which is why I absolutely loved his idea: writing a letter for yourself to open in 2016. I’ve recently toyed with the idea of creating a “Happiness Jar” and this would be a fantastic addition to it.

What is a “Happiness Jar”?

Happy Jar
Image by: Peg Fitzpatrick

Well, it is a jar filled with notes written by you. You can write notes about various things:
– Good things that have happened to you
– Things you are grateful for

You can even put mementos of events (like ticket stubs and receipts).

Since talking with Thom, I’ve concluded that the first thing I want to put in the jar is a letter that I will write to myself, describing my hopes, goals, and resolutions for 2015. I already have a list of resolutions that I have tacked up in my office and around my house. However, this letter could prove to be an encouraging way to get myself motivated for next year as well!

If you need a little push to get you started, check out some of these topics to write about in your letter to yourself:

#1) What hopes do you have for this year?


Write down your resolutions, goals, and what you want out of this year of your life. Remember that you have many years in the future and – while I always love the thought of thinking big – you should pick general goals that you can break down into short-term goals that you can fulfill throughout the next 12 months.

#2) What fears do you want to overcome?

Fears tell us a lot about ourselves. For example, I’ve always had a fear of being alone and that speaks to my childhood years. Think about your fears and which fear(s) you would like to overcome this year. Also consider putting down various steps that you can take to overcome them.

#3) ”Commit to the vision, but be flexible to the form.”


I got this quote from an article on the Tiny Buddha website called, “Writing letters to your future self.”

The concept behind this quote is fantastic: commit to your goal or resolution, however be flexible about how you get there and what form it comes in. If you ultimately want to be “successful at work”, you’ll have to take various routes to get there and remember that success comes in an innumerable forms.

#4) Write an encouraging mantra for yourself.

I am currently re-reading a book called, “The Productive Writer” which suggests that you focus on one word for your goal. The author’s example was, “Author-ity” (a pun that was quite appropriate since the book is focused on writing goals). Come up with a word for yourself.

#5) Thank Yourself for a Great Year


Gratitude is something that everyone must continue to practice. While you’re at it, don’t forget to thank yourself for all of the steps that you have/will take toward your own self-improvement.

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