5 Ways to Be More Productive & Successful At Work

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How has the beginning of your week been? Have you been productive so far? Every now and then I don’t feel like doing much of anything. If you know me, you know that I like to keep busy. I’ve got ideas running through my head at all times: new business ideas, ways to improve on our products, ideas for new books, etc.

When I start feeling burnt out because I’ve been pushing myself too hard, I start to get fatigued and tired but – more importantly – my productivity suffers. I’ve discovered a few tricks that help pull me in the right direction in these situations.

If you’re not your regular productive self or if you need a boost in productivity when you’re at work or working at home, try some of these tips and tricks.

#1) Stop Multi-tasking

This works for everyone. Instead of working at 20% on five different projects, use 100% of your focus on one project or one task. If you have more than you can handle at that moment, delegate some tasks to your team. Don’t know which tasks to assign to others? Take a good look at the tasks that need to be done. Which tasks:

  • Fit the strengths of one of your team members?
  • Fit your skill set well and should be completed by you?
  • Can be done by someone else?

#2) Stop Checking Your E-mail Every Other Minute

mail-566337_1280When you delegate tasks to others, you shouldn’t be micromanaging those tasks. Leave it to them and focus on your specific task or project. The same goes for your e-mail. Dedicate only a few minutes to checking your e-mail every day at scheduled times. I check mine three times a day: when I first walk into my office, right after lunch, and about an hour before I leave the office for the day. If I check my e-mail more than that during the day, I end up wasting more time than I need to.

#3) Stop Focusing – Only for a Few Minutes

Clearing your mind every now and then is like doing a soft reset for your brain. Just take a few minutes, several times a day, to just pause your world. Step away from your computer, your office, or even your work and clear your mind. You can go out for a walk in the park. If you can’t do that several times in the day, try stepping away from your office and walking around your floor or go out and walk around the actual building, outside.

You may also need a bigger break from the actual project. If you are able to switch gears, take a break from your task by working on a different task. Procrastination may be your brain’s way of telling you that it’s tired and needs a break from what it’s currently working on.

#4) Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

meeting-808754_1280One of the ways that you can boost productivity is by, well, not wasting everyone’s time with meetings. One on one meetings should never last longer than 20 minutes. If it does, it’s because someone is talking about unnecessary things or this one meeting should actually be two smaller meetings that are spread out throughout the week.

Long meetings aren’t productive because people stop paying attention after a long period of time. Not to mention, if you cut out an hour or even just a half hour of your day for a meeting, you’ll feel like you need to use up all that time, which could lead to time-wasting discussions over unimportant topics.

#5) Stop Making It Easy to Procrastinate

Sometimes we make it way too easy to let our mind wander. In order to keep your procrastination level down, keep your bookmarked websites (that aren’t used for work) in a folder that isn’t easily accessible. There are a few online apps that you can attach to your browser which will block social media sites (and any other websites that you choose) during certain hours of the day. You can also use focus boosting apps like Pomodoro timers which will have built in five and fifteen minute breaks in between timed 25 minute working sessions.

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