5 Things To Do To Get Ready for Christmas

Heaven High!

Can you believe it? Christmas is less than five days away! Where did December go? Are you ready for the big day? If you’re like me, you’re probably in “panic-mode”.

Sit back.

Take a DEEEEeeeeeeep breath.

Think about the spirit of Christmas.

One of the ways that I make sure to get everything done is by making a list (and yes, I check it twice – a day). I usually start my list in October. I try to shop all year long as well, so that Christmas shopping won’t be such a hassle come December. Check out these other organization and preparation ideas to help make your Christmas a little easier.

#1) Plastic Sacks Stuffed In the Back of the Closet


Sort stocking stuffers in the plastic grocery bags and hang them on hangers in the back of your closet. This will help you avoid all that fumbling in the dark when it comes time to sneak those presents into their respective stockings.

#2) Pre-Assemble Toys

In my family, it is usually a family tradition for the men in the family to gather around all of the “Some Assembly Required” toys and try to fit Tab A into Slot B on Christmas morning. However for some of you the kids may be a touch impatient and will want to play with their toys as soon as they open it.

Since Christmas is three days away, now is a great time for you to start assembling toys. Send the kids to play outside or send them to a friends’ house so that you can unbox toys, assemble them, then re-box them (if possible).

#3) Assign a “Battery Elf”


Someone always brings a gift that will need batteries. It is inevitable. Assign the task of “battery elf” to one of the family members coming to the house. Or assign a type of battery to each family member so that they can bring one package of each to the Christmas party. If you don’t end up using that size battery, it is always helpful to have extra packs sitting in the fridge at all times.

#4) Make Christmas Special with Activities

When it comes to Christmas day, there are two types of families (Note: I am overgeneralizing here.). There is the family that dresses in their finest and heads to two or three different houses – that would be us this year. Then there is the family that wakes up early on Christmas morning and runs downstairs in their pajamas to open presents. They spend the rest of the day in their pj’s, playing with toys and shiny new gadgets.

I propose another type. I’ve always loved going out to my extended families’ houses because it means that I got to spend the day with family, chatting and having a good time. However, there is no reason why you can’t mesh the two by staying home with your immediate family, opening presents, and doing fun Christmas activities that bring you closer together. What kinds of activities?

  • Make dinner together (or at least bring the family together to make dessert)
  • Go caroling
  • Make gingerbread houses or bake Christmas cookies to give to neighbors
  • Create your own Christmas traditions
  • Read your favorite Christmas stories together
  • Watch holiday movies

#5) Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolution

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