5 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

It is officially eight days until Christmas which means that there are seven shopping days left until you run out of time and you have to start re-gifting the ugly Christmas sweaters from the attic. If you’re looking for some unique last minutes gifts, I’ve got a handful here that you can buy from the convenience of your own home.

Make sure to note that we are not affiliated with any of these products. They simply caught my eye as unique, innovative, and/or funny.

#1) Portion Perfect

Portion Perfect
Image by: Portion Perfect

Portion Perfect is great for any loved one who is adamant about losing some weight for his or her New Year’s Resolution next year. Show your support by gifting this great gift.

I’m big into bento boxes anyway. This one is unique because everything is pre-portioned for you. All you have to do is fill each reservoir with the appropriate item: protein, healthy grains, fruits, vegetable, and healthy fats. It even comes with a free lunch ideas app!

#2) KeySmart

Image by: KeySmart

KeySmart is a great tool to help keep your keys organized. If you’re like me, you’ve got a ton of keys on your keychain (I could give any janitor a run for his money).

The concept here is simple. Just like a Swiss Army Knife, your keys fold into the device (it is held in by screws). When you need access to a specific key, you just pull it out, use it, and then slide it back in its place.

Before you jump on the KeySmart bandwagon, make sure to check out the various reviews.

#3) Sriracha To Go

Image by: Sriracha2Go

Sriracha2Go is perfect for the Sriracha-lover of your life. This handy bottle comes with a D-ring clip so that you can keep a little refillable bottle of Sriracha with you wherever you go. It’s pretty simple and convenient. According to their website you can,

“Simply fill your empty S2G bottle with your favorite Sriracha and clip it to your keychain, slide it in your pocket, or toss it in your purse — you’re now set to add Sriracha to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.”

#4) Clippa- Mini Tools Clip

Image by: Clippa- Mini Tools Clip

The Clippa- Mini Tools Clip is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite girl.

The only part of this that I’m a little weary of is the cutting edge. While it would not sit right next to your scalp, I am curious to see if it might accidently cut a few strands of hair on accident. However, the reviews were all great. Just note that the actual clip is a little on the large side (so that it can be as useful as it is practical).

#5) Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods
Image by: Uncommon Goods

If you don’t really know what you’re looking for and you just want to be pointed in the direction of a great place for unique gifts, have I got a surprise for you. The gifts found here are unique and creative without being immature or crass.

I ran across the Uncommon Goods website a few years ago and I absolutely love it. There are a bunch of great gift ideas if you’re looking for a gift that will stand out from the crowd. A lot of their products are both unique and handmade. They also have vendors who sell goods made out of recycled products.

Their Christmas page is a great place to start because it is divided into sections. You can shop by type of product, price range, or your recipient.

#6) Acting For Real

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