5 Benefits to Your Morning Cuppa Coffee

Heaven High and Happy Monday, everyone! It’s Joy again. Today I want to talk about something very near and dear to my heart: coffee.

Coffee was made for Monday mornings. No really. Every Monday morning, there is a fresh pot of coffee ready when I start my workday. Yes, I live in Washington State and, yes, we take our coffee very seriously here. Around this time of year, it is often extremely gloomy outside so to counteract the negative effect that “gloomy, overcast skies” have on my mood, I have a cup of coffee and I watch this video to lift my spirits:

If you’re not big on coffee, let me give you my top five benefits to drinking coffee every day…

#1) No News is Good News

The latest Harvard study produced no results when comparing coffee to the health of the participants. Well, not exactly. They followed men and women for 18 – 20 years to see if they could find a link between coffee and negative health and found…, nothing. To be precise:

“We did not find any relationship between coffee consumption and increased risk of death from any cause, death from cancer, or death from cardiovascular disease.”

My favorite conclusion that they came up with is:

“Even people who drank up to six cups of coffee per day were at no higher risk of death.”

Of course, if you look up “negative health reactions to caffeine”, you’ll find a plethora of hits as well. My coffee philosophy is as follows: Coffee in moderation.

I have gone from a venti Frappuccino every day to drip with flavored creamer (who needs all of that extra sugar?). I also keep a close eye on if it starts to affect my sleep patterns. I get regular check-ups as well (heart disease runs in my family) so if the doc says that I need to cut back, I will. Also, watch out if you’re prone to anxiety.

#2) If You’re Counting Calories


Tea and coffee both have very low calorie counts. If you’re watching what you eat and/or drink, having a cup of black coffee or plain tea could prove to be a great pick-me-up without having to worry about drinking your allotted calorie count for the day. If you don’t like black coffee, I suggest adding a dash of flavored creamer. Milk and sugar can really add calories fast, so just pay attention to what you’re doing.

#3) Prevent Parkinson’s?

I have read, in various magazines and studies that coffee can actually help people prevent Parkinson’s and/or help people – who suffer from Parkinson’s – with controlling their movements. In fact, coffee can help you and your health (liver disease, your heart, etc.) if ingested in moderation. However since I’m not a health expert, I’m not going to delve into that in excruciating detail.

#4) FOCUS!!!


The main reason why I drink coffee is to stay focused. I like to consider myself a morning person, however, I’m not always the most focused person early in the morning. I’ve read that the best times to have coffee during the day is a couple hours after you get up (I get up at 6:00AM and have my first cup around 8:00AM or 9:00AM), when you start dragging or losing focus.

I have my second cup during my 2:00PM slump. It’s always a smaller cup and – if I can help it – that is my last cup of the day. Drinking coffee later than that will mess with my sleep cycle. That being said, sometimes I sneak in a cup (on a Friday or Saturday night) while I’m writing.

#5) This Video

This particular video is both entertaining and informative. CGP Grey is a great speaker, by the way. Despite his quick pace. Anyway, check out the quick video for a pick-me-up:

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