4 Online Marketing Strategies for 2015

Online marketing is the big buzz “phrase” of 2015. If you’ve been in business at all during the past few years, you probably know how important online marketing is. However, your marketing strategies back in 2013 are probably out of date by now. The way that technology moves and adapts these days, your marketing strategy back in December is probably out of date right now.

The key ideas to remember when you are looking to revamp your online marketing strategies for 2015 is this: stay flexible, adapt to trends, and remember to stay true to your core values (which speaks to your audience in terms of your brand).

Here are a few approaches and activities to consider when you consider your online marketing strategies for 2015.

#1) Content Marketing


Content marketing is always going to be important for your website. Make sure that you’re offering your audience actionable advice when you put content up on your website or send them e-mails. Also consider guest blogging on other websites to help build your audience.

I first heard about guest blogging through an author friend, who was going on a “blog tour”. I thought to myself,

“Um, what?”

I assumed that it was like a book tour and I wasn’t far off. A blog tour is when you schedule blog posts on other websites. The host or owner of the website may or may not come up with a topic for you to discuss and you get to plug your brand and/or your products in the process. Not only does this build your audience but it also shows your readers that you are reputable and that you know your stuff.

#2) Brand Management

Your brand can also be called your reputation. If you’ve got a great product that is made with quality products that are environmentally friendly – while being affordable – and if you reach out to the green community often, that is what your brand will be known for. If you’ve got a product that gets returned often because of one reason or another – you will be known for that.

One of the ways to manage your reputation is by looking at your reviews and reaching out to your audience personally. If they can see that you’re working hard to iron out those kinks in your beta product and if you’re taking their thoughts into consideration, the audience will be more receptive.

Your online reputation is incredibly crucial. Take an active role in monitoring your reviews. If you don’t have the time, hire sometime who can do it for you.

Speaking of “reaching out to your audience”…

#3) Outreach and Networking

Reach out to the companies that you admire and look up to. Even if you just have a little blurb of endorsement from these companies, it could do your business a world of good.

Start by following their Twitter accounts (and their other social media accounts). Retweet and like their posts. Tag them in your tweets – engage them in conversation. Invite them to your outlet or offer them a complimentary product. You’ll need to invest a lot of time and energy into networking before it can become profitable for you so make sure that you keep that in mind.

#4) Facebook Ads Are Still Relevant


Facebook ads might seem like old news but they are still relevant. They allow you to choose your target audience based on their interests, age, location, and other criteria. The best way to profit from a Facebook ad is by creating a great landing page link with a free giveaway on the page. If you’re just starting out, I suggest offering a free giveaway for a quality review.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either. A good $20 – 30 ad with a variety of different target audiences is a good test for your strategy to figure out what the best target demographic will be.

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