3 Ways to Hone Your Skills & Become AWESOME!

By Joy Bernardo

Heaven High!

Today, I’ll be talking about honing your craft, skills, and/or passion. If you’ve liked us on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen today’s motivational post about who and how talented individuals hone their skills. Well, I want to expand on that topic by giving you more specific details and tips on how YOU can be better at your trade skills, talents, and passions.

While researching tips for how to hone your talents, I found that most tips found in books and in articles focus specifically on artists. However, those tips can be applied almost any other hobby, craft, or skill as well.


#1) Creative Compass’ Toolbox


Creative Compass is a Cleveland-based company that is dedicated to helping artists hone their crafts. Being a writer, I consider myself an artist too. Public speaking can be considered a form of performance art as well. Just like spoken word poetry, there needs to be a flow and a performance to your speeches. When you can make your speech resonate with your audience – that’s when you know that you’re being effective.


Calluses mean that you are working hard and loving it!

Calluses mean that you are working hard and loving it!


Creative Compass says that there are a few basic items that every artist should have in their “toolbox” – figuratively and literally. These tools can be used to help with marketing, networking, funding, or focusing your work:

an effective artist statement
documentation of your art work to create high-quality work samples
opportunities to share your artistic process and artwork (on social media or elsewhere)
professional development opportunities (networking, learning, and teaching)
public presentations
artist colonies (or artist in residence opportunities)


#2) Your Style Will Evolve with the Times


*tap tap tap tap* Write more!

*tap tap tap tap* Write more!


If you are constantly honing your craft by reading books, articles, trying new techniques, watching YouTube videos, or even branching out into different subgenres – you will only get better. You can’t regress if you are working on getting better and refining your skills.

The Red Lemon Club suggests that,

“The more time you dedicate to developing your craft, the more you will learn about what you are capable of.”

In fact, after you are done reading this post, head on over to their article entitled, 15 Reasons to Stay Focused on Developing Your Craft. Alex Mathers (the author of the piece) did a wonderful job inspiring me to work harder.


#3) Learn Universal Skills (In Addition to Your Focused Learning)


Learn with your brain and your heart.

Learn with your brain and your heart.


Learning about your trade, craft, skill, or passion can be an extremely focused discipline. It’s like having tunnel vision with the end goal (proficiency and expertise) being the light at the other end. However, learning should never be so disciplined. Learning about other topics can aid in developing your imagination, innovation, and can help break the boundaries in your chosen field.

I have already come to terms with the fact that I will be a forever student (and that is a badge that I will proudly wear for the rest of my life). I am not a professional student, nor am I enrolled in any college (I’ve already graduated with a couple of degrees). However, that doesn’t mean that I will stop learning.

I love to learning about how I can become a better writer. I also love learning about other disciplines because it helps me in my writing. In my spare time I write horror stories. However, I don’t just read Stephen King and Joe Hill. My bookshelves are filled with books from hundreds of genres: from romance to mysteries, to speculative, to academics.

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