3 Ways to Grow A Thicker Skin for Your Confidence & Success

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Today I want to talk about something that is important to every field: acting, business, customer service, entrepreneur, stock clerk, etc. I want to talk about how to grow a thicker skin. Bullying shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere in the world, however we can’t completely eliminate malicious behavior. Even unintentional malicious comments and actions that could hurt our pride or feelings linger around every corner.

Being sensitive to those comments and actions leaves us susceptible to further humiliation and retaliation from others. Building a tougher layer of skin (so to speak) will help you gain more confidence, help you avoid and push past the pressures leading up to success, and will help you become a stronger person.

I’ve compiled a list of three things that you can do to build thicker skin for yourself in order to boost your confidence and success.

#1) Being Realistic

Setting realistic short-term goals and being realistic in your capacities will help keep you from being disappointed. It will also help you become more self-aware of realistic long term goals as well. This takes years of practice if you currently have issues with realistic expectations.

Some might consider this “shielding yourself from disappointment.” It is not. What it is, is “being truthful about what can be accomplished.” There’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars but when it comes to achieving those goals, you have to be able to set realistic short term expectations for yourself.

#2) Perspective on “Problems” and “Failures”

I know plenty of people who get upset at themselves when they “fail” or when they across something that they consider to be a problem. No one wants to actually deal with problems. We usually spend a large amount of time avoiding problems. Some are just unavoidable though.

So instead of avoiding them, why not change your perspective. Don’t view them as problems or obstacles. Think of it in terms that will further motivate you. For example, if you’re a gamer, think of it like a level in a video game that you need to pass in order to get to the big boss.

The main idea that you must get out of these “problems” are that they are growing and learning experiences and that they make you a better person.

#3) Find Your Passion Through Your Values


One thing that will help build that thick skin is to keep focused on your passion. Of course, first you must find your passion. How do you do that? If you don’t know what your passion is, look inward toward your hobbies and values. Your values will determine what types of characteristics and traits you find most admirable – which is what you should be working toward. If you value intelligence in others, make sure that you are working on building yours as well.

The types of hobbies that you gravitate toward will help you determine what types of things you like to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should knit or cook for a living. Let me explain further with an example.

Let’s say that your favorite hobby is reading. Look deep into why you enjoy reading so much. Is it because you get sucked into an imaginary world? Is it because reading allows you to further your education? In addition to that, check out some career choices that seem like tangents off of your hobby of reading:
• Writer,
• Librarian,
• Teacher
• Playwrite
• Acting
• Lawyer,
• Etc.
Now, which of these appeal to you the most?

If you don’t want to focus your career around it (perhaps you thoroughly enjoy what you are doing now), then work towards that goal as another hobby, or perhaps volunteer your time with an organization that has to do with that field.

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